Where did I see Land 909?

Recently I saw some Chinese company that still had the Land 909 knives for sale. Not only that but you could chose whether it has the 3 pin hole pivot or the other type of pivot that is on current Enlan EL-02 knives and you could also buy the appropriate pivot adjusting tool.

It was expensive but I can’t find it now. Anyone know where I was most likely looking?

I thought I might be worth it to order it (909) with the EL02 type pivot and then buy that adjusting tool as well.

The 905 is rare. You can buy it here. Edit: sorry wrong knife



and you get the tool here:


Double post, sorry.

I’m not looking for the 905. I’m looking for the 909 with that type of pivot. Great Wall shows the other kind of pivot.

Check Buwuve's second link.

I did. It has the other kind of pivot. I’m looking for the one with the pivot that matches the tool he listed as that is the same at the EL02 which I also have.

If I’m going to pay $15 for a tool I want it to work on 2 knives. There is some shop that I’ve looked at recently that has the 909 with the pivot and tool that he lists to but I can’t now find it.

The site had a drop-down box when you go to the 909 and you can choose which pivot pin you want on that knife.

Yes, there are reports that China has started cloning China. ;-)


Here is a Enlan EL01D that gives you options for pivot screw and pivot screw tool.

Are we getting closer? :slight_smile:

Close enough that I ordered it :slight_smile: but decided to forego the tool. That wood version looks very nice in comparison to the regular model (to me).