Where do Cree LEDs end up?

I can’t believe we are their major end customer, so where else are they being used in quantities that keep them in business?

Commercial lighting, I would think.


More applications than I would have picked - with my limited experience.

Most of mine ended up in a drawer, awaiting an application where the weird color rings won’t matter.

Other than brightness, I only wanted one thing out of them, literally. One. Single. Color.

Maybe the word monochrome isn’t as important in high-bay lighting and street lighting…

(sorry to vent, I was hoping I could use these for photography…)

i looked up during the day (lights were off) at a gas station canopy and the canopy lights were cree’s.

the center was XM-L’s and the outside leds were XP-G’s.


I work in an automotive production factory, on the inspection line for the doors. Our main lights are 8x Cree (XBD?) spotlight housings with TIR optics. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats advertising, that doesn’t mean they have large scale customers in all those areas (yet)

some good replies in this thread, i have never seen any that i can verify most seem to be other manufacturers that i don’t know much about, round discs or square dies that are much larger or many 5mm in showerhead configuration.
I did see some flashlights with them though, a 500 lumen lowes flashlight and some other brand spotlights

I wonder how much CRI impacts their potential uses, i hope in 5 years they will all be 80CRI or greater with good lm/w

Yes, but those examples are examples, none-the-less. Those areas represent a minute fraction of potential customers. Obviously neither you, nor I know their ( cree’s ) reach. Or this thread would not exist …. :bigsmile:

one could argue that link is short sighted, that every application of artificial light is the actual potential market

i do hope that 100W replacements (1600lm) will be had for under $10 soon, and with 90CRI or better would be icing on the cake, i started this thread to see where their current market share is, since high power LEDs are a relatively recent player in the market and we cannot single handedly be keeping Cree in business

My 10 watt Sylvania/Osram PAR16 bulbs have 4 Cree XMLs in them…

why four when you can put 10W into one chip?

Its more efficient this way

What I am curious about is what the market share in high end leds is of Cree, compared to Nichia, Osram, Philips and the others. Any ideas?

Some old 2011 graphs,but still interesting.

I think Moissanite fills a bigger revenue bucket for Cree than all of us light-mongers combined.

I've only seen that in cheap lights with crappy, poorly focused reflectors and using low-end/older LEDs like XR-Es. Maybe you're doing something wrong?

That’s why I specifically ordered “XM-L” reflectors and emitters, but you’re probably right. I also tried various reflector insulators from tape to a centering shim from a switch. I can see the beam change, but it never gets “good” (compared to the Streamlight incan which first got me interested in this hobby) or exceptionally “bad”, in context.

BTW, I tried it with no reflector, 3C XM-L T6 and fresh 18650 through a 2.8A 105c. The colors move to different places in the beam, but the rotten-cat-urine green is still quite obvious as is the lurid lavender. Reflectorless mode just gets the 5000K parts spread out.

While it’s obvious you dislike me for some reason, there are plenty of other users here who have documented the same color rings I see, in many different hosts and various bins… Maybe we’re all doing something wrong?

What do YOUR XM-L beams look like? Most importantly, if you have “good” XM-L beam( s ), what specific reflector is used???

Thanks for helping!


I didn't mean it like that, don't be silly. It's just that I don't do anything special, and don't have any XML/XML2/XPG2s, domed or de-domed, in any lights that have what it sounds like you're describing. I've only seen that with stuff like stock XRE C8s, that have green rings and purple rings all at the same time.

The dedomed XML2s are worst about shifting to a hint of green, but it's spread evenly, no rings of different colors in the pattern. XPG2s seem much less prone to going odd colors when dedomed, no matter what the starting color temp was.

Very interesting graph Led4power, i wonder what that graph would look like in 2013!

I wonder how Moissanite uses Cree LEDs

From the link, it seems they do not use the leds but the silicium carbide technology to produce synthetic gemstones, funny research off-spin :-) .