Where do you get good replacement lenses for P60 hosts?

I measured mine and all are around 28,8mm. No major player have the exact sizes. A 29mm would fit too but no1 carry such lwnses...

Perferably coated.

Or em i missing something?

These guys do them.


They aren't cheap though.

Ouch. Looks good tho.

Thats where I bought the UCL lens for my Lunahunter MRV, and it did increase the maximum range of the flashlight.

At a cost that would buy me several MRVs here.

Choices, prices...


I've always bought mine at KD, this one I used in a UF C1 and another p60 host (don't remember which). This one looks like could be the same but is a bit cheaper, I have no experience with it though. That first AR lens is almost invisible as long as it remains clean of fingerprints/dust and it comes with a protective film attached to it on both sides.

KDs category and search system is really subpar, but a search for the term "coated" (w/o quotemarks) will bring up all their nice AR lenses.

Both lenses are the same, except the price! I purchased some of each a few weeks ago.

They made a great improvement on plain glass.

+1 for KD. Excellent lenses, I bought more than a dozen so far, and didn't notice a difference compared to UCL. Perhaps UCL gives 1-2% more output for a three times the price, but I can't measure that.

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Great. I thought 28mm would rattle inside.

Thanks Don,

I thought I should run a test to see how much of an improvement a coated and non coated would make.

P60 dropin with R5 led, lux at 1m read at hop spot on DX luxmeter.

Plain glass = 5600 lux.

Coated glass = 8700 lux.

On a ceiling bounce the difference was very obvious.

At $2.29 makes it a bargain upgrade, cheaper than chips.

Wow! That's a dramatic difference. Time to give the credit card a light workout.

That's a huge difference! So do budget hosts have plain glass? How about Solarforce? I'm just wondering if I would see the difference on what I've got already.

Whoa! Would have not thought that much difference was possible.

Solarforce also use plain glass. I don't know any budget light that use AR coated or water white glass, not to mention sapphire glass. I even replace the lens on Seraph SP-6 (which is somewhere between the budget and the premium flashlights) with KD 28 mm AR coated lens.

Btw, whats the lunapower lens diameter? Mine is still floating around the world.

Solarforce L2 and L2m seem to come with plain glass, T4 and L2p came with coated lenses, I don't own any other Solarforce models so can't comment.

I only discovered the the difference by accident, when I removed the bezel on a Skyray to deburr it and found the lens was to small and decided to replace it with a coated one as an experiment.

I bought 2 L2P so far (both gunmetal gray) from ITC, and the lenses are plain non-coated glas.

By reading this any "serious" thrower with cheap lenses would be severely impacted by generic lenses.

Have to test how my p60 hosts does without lenses.

Time ago i bought a 28mm glass aspheric lens and played with on p60 hosts to concentrate the beam. Now i can safely assume that the quality of the lens (transmittance) was the culprit to see that overall output was lowered noticeably.

Have to get a cheap light meter one of these days.

Ordered 3 lenses. I got the more expensive ones, but got the BUCKRATE since I was ordering 3 which lowered it to $2.77 each. The less expensive one scared me with the blue reflections in the picture.