Where do you keep your flashlights?

Greetings all,

I am still very new at this, but I can foresee a problem developing quickly. I have started acquiring flashlights, but where do I keep them? Do you have a dedicated drawer, suitcase, room, storage shed?


Shelves. :D I have a bunch of display shelves that I keep all of mine on.

I keep at least one in every room in my house , one on me at all times plus two more in my briefcase , and at least two in my car , two in my boat , one in each shed , three in my shop ...

It goes without saying that for the car , boat , shop ,and virtually anywhere you might have to actually do something besides look around , a headlamp is mandatory ...

Headlamp - only have 1 but that one sees Many Many more hours of use than any torch.

Normal torch, every day carry sees many more hours of carry time, but doesnt really get used alot.

Everything else that I might want to use - on the front edge of a shelf in an accessible location

Everything else stays in a closed cupboard (with glass window of course) to reduce dust accumulation :frowning:

Usually at all the places my missus strongly believe there shouldn’t be one. Which is everywhere.

Here’s were I keep mine…

Do you and ILF have the same cabinet? :P

Rikr, you’re a BOSS !! :bigsmile:

Mine are laying all around the house with a very specific purpose --

dust collection.

No they are different, mine has one long door.

Oh, ok. :P

Rikr…that is one hellavu set-up you have there!It looks really nice with the internal lights on.Wait, your using lights to light up your flashlights.Only here does this seem perfectly normal!

As of now, an 8 ft art table where they sit along the back against a wall.

I keep 6 or7 of the ones I most use on my kitchen counter,drives my wife crazy!I don't want to neglect them,my others reside in a clothes armoire.

I keep most of mine right where the kids were done playing with them.

I keep mine on a $20 DIY shelf above a small computer desk. PVC pipe and plywood.

I do have a few in my custom made flashlight bags by Ziploc.

I’m supposed to put them somewhere together, but I’m not allowed to put them anywhere. I haven’t quite figured it out yet….

Naturally……… the girlfriends kitchen cupboard :slight_smile:

Thank you…