Where Have All the Skilhunts Gone? (Peter, Paul & Mary sort of...)

Also known as “You snooze, you lose”…

So. Before Christmas I had a few projects going, and needed light. Although my Zebralight AA headlamp functioned just fine, I really needed more punch & runtime. I’ve been looking around for a good 18650 floody headlamp to supplement my old & trusty Ultrafire H6; something new, with a better headstrap setup. As soon as Christmas expenses are over…

I halfway decided on the Skilhunt H03 NW which I’d seen for very reasonable prices, like $32 or better. Now that Christmas is over, though, it’s like there was a disappearing act. No NW’s for any reasonable price, and often enough, not out there at all. What a letdown! I was all ready to simply find a decent price & order. I am highly bummed.

I’ve even found the magnetic charging version for LESS than a standard NW.

Does anyone have a source with pre-Christmas prices on this sensible little light?



I’ve seen the prices go up for the H03.
But sometimes they’re around 26 bucks.

Iiss the codes for the Soilhunt S3Pro!!