Where is CRX.

I sent him a private message and didn’t get a reply.

His reddit isn’t active either, but it was less active than here. . .

I worry more about this kind of thing with Covid.

hopefully CRX is just at the Pub

I do hope he is OK

The Health Club I go to has an age range from 95 thru 18 — every time some one doesn’t show up for a while we wonder if they passed away — you see these people several times a week then all of a sudden they’re missing — Crazy

Hope he is okay.

Hopefully he is ok.

I also hope he is okwie and doing well.

hope he is ok

Hopefully he’s OK.

In case anyone was wondering...

CRX is back!

Jay! :partying_face:

It's behind the barn with a tarp over it waiting for an electric conversion.

I’m glad that we can put this thread to rest. :beer:

You missed two… :smiley:

Where did the picture of my sister go pink? :laughing:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you too! :slight_smile:

Your sister is a little excitable….

Welcome back CRX! :beer:

Hey CRX, can you check your messages, ive sent a couple… Ty

He’s been away for more than 6 months, so…I guess he won’t come back read the messages. Maybe he does a X-mas or New Year surprise like last year.

Or…maybe he comes back for the OL Contest :innocent: