Where is FOY?

Foy, PilotPTK, ChicagoX to name a few that gone missing.
Kriessler too, but I think hes probably still among us lol

Edit: Scaru I think it was? Made his 999 post declaring he would not make a 1000th post so he would not have to do a give a way, and stuck to his word… lol

The K was banned
I miss some of the old timers as well :frowning:

He was, but dont mean that squirrel did not find his way back in the house

And some of the oldtimers are still around, or drop by every now and then! :slight_smile:

I try to. I tend to go through rotations of hobbies. Got flashlights, camp stoves, lanterns, video games, my computer, guns, knives… and sometimes stuff happens and you just need to take a break from it all for a while to get your head straight


Scaru is another missing old timer though :frowning:

Indeed, squirrels are determined little buggers.

You are probably right on that one. Scaru used to push the limits on his mods if I remember right. Sometimes I think some of these “out there” members are one in the same, making their rounds having fun lol. But foy was one of a kind

Maybe he pushed a limit too far :frowning:

I liked the Foy as well, and can’t forget others like Match either.

I bought my first expensive (for me) light based on his review. The Xin TD C8.

Loved it. It’s been the bag I carry back and forth to work since its arrival.


Yeh, Match got me going crazy on my otherwise unused Minimags…

Indeed, and his lumen tests are the stuff of BLF folklore

Camp stoves? That seems like an odd (says the guy hanging out on a flashlight forum), yet interesting hobby.


Thanks to his raving review I now own an Ultrafire UF-980L !

The foybezel is legendary among BLF. I’ve been around many moons here but basically just browse now, keeping up to date on what’s new. Too many hobbies, too little time, too little money for all of them :cry:

well i bought Ultra Fire WF-503B because of him. i am sure foyapproved!

yeah many of us “old-timer” got few hobbies i was absent for few years and just got back to flashlight collecting again. Maybe he got hook to other hobbies like i did and eventually got back here. I just cant imagine there are ways to stop being flashaholic?

Oh man Lumatic! That was one crazy funny guy! I had to go back and dig up his final post. Total gold!

Got into P60 because of Foy. Drooled over his Vinz dropins and finally got my own.

My ode to Foy

Nice jack. The whole thread is now part of BLF history.