Where is Kaidomain ?

any one else notice KD has vanished ? .... Last I heard they had shipped my order [ Drivers and empty pills ] , but it does shake ones confidence a little when they vanish ...

It's not the first time it has happened. I reckon they'll be back. A few years back both KD and DX were kept under by a DDOS attack from competitors - at least that is how they explained it later.

Maybe they have not put money in the electricity meter?

They better not be gone. They still owe me almost $2! LOL!

I've seen them disappear before more than once.

I'm hoping they have not gone, the last driver I bought took 8 weeks to arrive and doesn't work.

3.7-8.4v 5-mode SKU: S008999

Welcome Gdes to BLF!

Reminds me of the classic line from the movie "Better off Dead" :)

( I want my TWO DOLLARS!) - paperboy

Welcome Gdes. Good to have you here.

Thank's Don that's some nice work, very helpful.


Aloha and welcome to BLF Gdes!

They could not have picked a "better" time to vanish.

Where to get the ak-47 drivers cheaply? DX stock them but bulk order of 5 is still more expensive than KD...

ak-47 is at 3,19 USD at DX sku.6190

I know, but KD have 5 or 6 for 12 usd...

KD site now comes up as the default IIS7 page.


Messed up upgrade?

Lovely Microsoft web server... it looks like they had probably a major hdd failure. Hacked seems plausible too...

What can I say?! I'm a loser.....

I have ordered 2 flashlight from KD on 11. November.

On 12. November i become the email "Your payment as been received. Your order number is XXXXXX. To manage your order, please proceed to "My Account" at our main page."

Of course KAI was down at this time...

The order value was 85$ soo i'm yet a little nervous.

My Paypal account say "the payment completed". But on my bank account (credit card account) is the amount "only" blocked.

This means, KD untill yet, not called down the money from Paypal.

I waiting now..... but i don't know for what:o))) I want cancel my order but i can't.

What you do think, what can i do?

Wait till kd shows up if not open a dispute on paypal or contact paypal about the issue now.


However I think it's been compromised!

Just paid for some drivers using Paypal, now get emails Phishing to log back on!

www.Kaidomain.com is back.

All I'm getting is a welcome page for IIS7 internet services which links to http://www.iis.net/