Where is that BLF Q8 flowchart please?

I have seen that flowchart somewhere here but I am not sure if the link is down or even if the flowchart is finished yet.

You can find it in the second post of the official Q8 thread HERE

And if you have issues finding it, please let me know, I really suck at writing so feedback on how to word it so that it is more clear is greatly appreciated.

That info is not for the diagram that shows the battery info in the shape of a Batman figure. So I am still at a loss in finding that easy to follow flowchart.

ah diagram with batman logo s TKs diagram for Anduril :slight_smile: not Narsil :slight_smile:

You mean THIS ?
It is in post #2 as well :innocent:

I just saw some diagrams with the Anduril one in it and now I cannot find it again. Any ideas mate? Does that diagram apply to the Q8 light?

No, search the Toykeeper FSM thread and for other cool T flowcharts check her D1/D1S and D4 review threads.

What you search is probably in the
Thread Flying Spaghetti Monster FSM

FSM is a firmware framework with different user interfaces.
Andúril is one of them.

The Batman sign also on other firmware diagrams from Toykeeper.

The BLF Q8 flow chart runs under the name cheat sheet.
Thread NarsilM Cheat Sheet New BLF GT Narsil M Cheat Sheet for v1.2 NEW VERSION