Where to buy an itp A3 eos upgraded with Q5 LED

Hi guys

Do you now if there are still available any itp A3 eos upgraded (3mode) with Q5 LED, with free shipping worldwide?

I have seen some on ebay, which in the description and photos it says clearly "Q5 version", but after asking the sellers they say that is the new upgraded R5 version.

Any idea?

If not for the "free shipping worldwide" I could take a few guesses but otherwise I don't know of anywhere. I don't use ebay much though. Maybe someone else will come alone who does know of somewhere.

Shiningbeam ?

In a choice of colors, but not free shipping.


Is the Q5 supposed to be better than the R5?

I have tested both Q5 and R5...

Without light meter, difficult to see difference both with NiMh and 10440.

Q5 throws a lot more than the R5. And Q5 seems brighter than the R5 due to smaller die... When I tested the R5 for the first time I thought "what a *^+`+`+`+`"

first time i got my itp I thought "what a peice of **** "

too many other small lights out there to have to deal with the horrible pwm on these ..ITP said loud and clear they didn't want my business .

maybe the worst light ever made IMHO There is no single redeeming quality and the idea that it's tiny goes only so far ..so what it's small and it sucks ..I like the mxdl AAA light better and it's only 2 $

I would think you'd be thrilled to have the xpg version since they supposedly fixed the pwm .All of the itp/Olight lights are pretty boring in my humble opinion .i've had about 6 of them and have disliked almost every one of them.

I totally disagree. I purchased the old itp a3 eos with Q5 led since more than a year ago. I love it! It is my perfect light... (you can read my comments in the my review of the A3 here...)

The unitial (first) units of the A3 had low PWM, but in 2010 they changed to 1000hz PWM (even in the Q5 version), and no issues with the pwm.

The problem arises now, with the xpg r5 led. Enormous hotspot..... and no difference in lumens "by eye". Difficult so see any diference without a light meter.

The a3 with Q5 throws a LOT more than the R5 and has a smaller and well defined hotspot, that´s why I love the Q5 version (the one I already have since more than a year)

hrmmm.... I like my ITP A1. I also recently bought an ITP A3 with the R5 led for my girlfriend. Haven't given it to her yet but I hope she likes it.

Have had also A3 with Q5. Nice but PWM is terrible, get the newer. Has a lot of threadplay.
using A1 SS R2 now. pWM is good BUT I would maybe recommend Q5 A1. sS threads are a bit coarse and the tint iis very bluish.

The A3 is my favorite light as well. I don't have any issues with PWM or thread play. It doesn't change modes when I don't want it to.

To the OP I guess you might just have to find somewhere is the cheapest shipping rather than free shipping. I have the Q5 version and didn't upgrade to the R5 for the reasons you mentioned.