Where to buy brass buttons of different thickness for driver’s positive contacts

I have made some myself from a 5mm brass bar but it’s a bit of a hassle, also it’s difficult to make thin ones, in emisars lights for example there is so little play for the cell that the button must be arround 1.5m~2mm thick (preferably 1.5), also this way they aren’t gold plated.

Mouser/digikey/farnell have some mill-max one, too small and expensive, on aliexpress the only ones I found were too small too.

mtnelectronics: 5mm x 2mm

kaidomain: 7.6mm x 1.6mm

stack these to desired height: 0.5 X 5 Mm Raw Brass Round Disc No Hole - Etsy

Thanks for the links, unfortunately I can’t buy from MTN, kaidomain seems to have only that size and I need a max diameter of 5mm
I guess stacking those 0.5mm discs could do as an alternative.

If you only need one or two, I have a few very special ones made by tvodrd on CPF. I can mail you a couple. He made a CPF post about how he made them. I will see if I can find it.

Thanks for the offer but I would like to find a source for a good quantity.

I make simple ones myself.

Take some copper sheet. Use tin snips to cut it into small squares. Cut the corners off, the file all the corners. Flatten on an anvil if bent.

Then layer them up into a pillar on the driver using soldering paste.

Apply soldering iron to the tip of the pillar. As soon as all the paste turns silver remove the iron. Us the tip of a toothpick to stabilize the pillar when removing the iron.

This technique is quick and produces any length pillar for the positive contact on a driver.

I’ve done this too, but if I make drivers this is too time consuming.

I was not able to find tvodrd’s old post (and CPF seems to have deleted all old PM’s from before 2010 or so!) but I saw a mention of a guy who made contacts from copper rivets and he said that worked well.

I use solid copper wire when I need buttons and can’t find a ready-made button. 6 gauge (AWG) is 0.162” dia ( 4.1mm). I have purchased a 1-foot length at Home Depot. One foot lasts a long time. It is soft enough to cut with an Exacto saw and smooth with very fine sandpaper.

Cooper rod

Solder blob not good enough?

If not, FT carries some, eg, https://www.fasttech.com/products/1576103 .

I ordered these once and they are great. They are easy to solder.
This seller comes with different sizes:

Used SN60 / PB40 alloy blow to avoid scratching the pcb driver by the batt. + pole on twist lights but after a while it blackened and I had to clean it to make contact well again.
Maybe better use another alloy Lead or with silver but don’t know which one is more suitable

Yep that’s why I want gold plated contacts (I already used solder blob, thick wire, copper/brass rods to make button contacts).

I’ll probably go with the ones Chatika vas Paus linked, I already saw them before and they don’t have thicker than 1mm in 5mm but I could stack them. They also propose custom contacts but the MOC is 100, a bit too much.

Good find, not sure they are gold plated though.

Thanks for post
How much their resistance?
Would be nice to know wich material are inside and if the plated it’s durable against scratch and Voltaic arc

The circuit is closed with the body tube/tail cap, there shouldn’t be any arcing on the positive contact.
Brass buttons have virtually no resistance.

Yes,but I would use them also for others applications

I can assure you they’re not.