Where to buy Carclo optics in Europe?

Been struggling recently to find reasonable source in Europe. LED-TECH.DE has some, but not many with expensive shipping (10 Euro for packaging).
In particular I’m looking for triple striped 10510 Carclo Lens - 3-UP Elliptical. It’s on Mtn and Amazon, but prices with shipping are insane.
Anybody knows where to buy it? Or a substitute?
Help would be much appreciated.

Original Carclo: I bought authentic Carclos on Arrow (they ship to EU, but be aware you have to pay all import duties/taxes/fees)
Substitute: My triples are from Kaidomain, please note that they are comparable but not exactly the same and might only fit with KD MCPCBs

I have been using Kaidomain triples for several years now and they seem to hold up well. No issues at all with normal use. (I do have a lens on top of the optics)

Thanks to all involved. So no good news. Maybe I’ll add up and make an order worthy paying it from US at MTN. We’ll see…

Thank you. But since I gained 29% on ceiling bounce just by switching striped 20mm from ‘no name’ to Carclo, I would insist on this brand… or Ledil…

Great feedback, thanks for the data point. I have never measured mine; in that case look out for deals on Arrow, their shipping should be overnight (ie DHL Express) and free to most international locations.

It would be nice if Led4Power could get more than the 10507!
He only sells 10507, which were sold out in the last weeks. I wish he could get some more optics, I would get some 10508 and 10511!

Carclo is a UK based company… Arrow’s UK counterpart is RS Components:

Interestingly I couldn’t find a stateside dealer for Polymer Optics (which is also UK based) so I had to by from RS.

I bought some frosted Carclo triple optics a while ago on ebay and it was actually a polish seller. I will try to look it up…

Found it. He does not seem to have the exact optic that you are looking for, but still an interesting collection.


Maybe Conrad?

Guys, I love this forum. Your will of helping is just impossible to overestimate.
I’m very thankful. Firstly for the feedback way exceeding my expectations, secondly for getting involved in such a meaningless question of newbie.
PS. Don’t you ever change your approach. This is awesome.