Where to buy Chinese flashlights shipped from the USA

Hi guys,
Where do you guys buy Chinese flashlights that are shipped from within the USA? I only have mtnelectronics.com

amazon or ebay?

That's what I was going to say.

I generally figure out which flashlight I want, and then check those sites if I want it from the U.S.

Which brands are you asking about? Almost every brand is a Chinese brand.


sbslider and racoon city: They either don’t have the light I want, or they do, at a higher price.
CalvinIS: Currently just Convoy, and Mateminco/Astrolux KawiBoy1428: Forgot about illumn. banggood ships from China though.

Banggood has a US hub too where they ship certain items from.

Ah, I see. Thanks!

what CalvinlS posts, though I will go one step further and ask if anyone knows of a led flashlight which is correctly labeled as being made in the US.

Pick your brand and then search, we have had excellent experiences with fenixlighting.com-they are THE authorized distributor for this fantastic product in the States, good advice, even better service but perhaps the best part is that we have received ONLY brand new, never been sold/opened before lights-quite unlike the one time I took the bait of a low priced Amazon ad for a Fenix-took over two weeks to receive and the packing certainly appeared to have been around the block a few times, ditto the flashlight.

I neither work for nor receive any incentive/considerations or compensation in any form from the great people at fenixlighting, additionally all should know that this Company is also the authorized service facility-should anyone ever need work done on their lights.

aliexpress has some us shipping options

you may be able to say ‘just show me stuff that ships from usa’
though usually the shipping costs more than the product


Battery Junction is another.

I’ve purchased a number of Sofirn lights on Amazon. Quality lights, good prices, MUCH faster shipping too.

discharged, wle, pennzy, and PBWilson: Thank you guys! It appears that where the light is shipped from depends on the brand, because each of you has had different experiences buying different brands.

I’m looking for buying Convoy, particularly L2, L21A, and M21A, and potentially Astrolux FT01 / Mateminco TK01. Where do you think I should get them from?

You have to expect any flashlight shipped within the US to cost more than importing it yourself directly from an overseas source in the far east. It has to do with added costs to the seller. He has to pay an import duty on bulk purchases. You pay no duties on items below $800. He has to have a warehouse and workers in the US that cost more here than in China. The cost of shipping via US Mail is far higher than shipping via China Post even though the final delivery is made by USPS. Add all of these together and it is rare to find a flashlight sold on eBay or Amazon cheaper than you can buy it overseas.

I understand that, although currently, the Convoy L2 is sold on mtnelectronics.com for about the same price. This is why I ask if it’s possible to get the same for other brands.

You can have it quick or you can have it cheap. Rarely do you get it quick and cheap. MTN usually has some decent prices. Just make sure you figure in that shipping charge. Most USA based sellers with a big online store, not Ebay, will have a shipping fee until you hit a certain amount to qualify for free shipping. I also found most US sellers on Ebay that have it for just a few dollars over Amazon prices are having your order shipped from Amazon. I don’t buy from Amazon anymore. Only because of their delivery service being worthless in my rural area. Amazon will give you free and easy returns. Only cost you a drive to the UPS store. Convoys store on Ali Express is the way to go for Convoy products. Simon is awesome and can even help if you want a different emitter, reflector, or driver.

Just my two cents that nobody asked for. I use to only order from US based stores. Once I got over the, “wholly crap they are gonna rip me off and steal my children” nonsense, its worth it most of the time for the longer wait in shipping.

That makes sense. Thanks for the input!

I understand it’s ideal to buy Convoy from Simon on aliexpress. I’m just looking for more information in case I’ll buy some other brands, or spare parts.

You can find some great deals on Amazon. If you have Prime, free shipping. Even without Prime I think you get free shipping on most orders over $25. Just search for the specific light you are looking for, or at least the brand. LED Flashlight searchs on Amazon will get you a bunch of cheap junk.

I set up alerts on Ebay for quite a few brands. I get an email when there is a new posting or a changed price in the product. Have gotten some really good deals that way.

What specific lights are you looking for at the moment? I might have a few kicking around over here that could use a good home.

Currently just the Convoy L2, L21A, M21A, and possibly Astrolux FT01, aka Mateminco TK01.

I’m not in a rush to buy, just doing research in advance so that I can buy during Black Friday, or major holidays.

Great idea. I don’t think I have any of those floating around. Convoy and Astrolux are hard to find at good prices that ships from the US. Besides MTN I have never really seen them priced as cheap as he’s got them, in the US. I have seen a few on Amazon but they are from sketchy sellers for 3 or 4 times the price. I can’t remember if Simon has a black friday sale or not. Regardless I am sure you will find plenty of deals around the holidays.