Where to buy CREE XM-L RGBW MCPCB?

Could anyone tell me where I can buy a PCB with a direct thermal path for CREE XML RGBW emitter? It can be sinkpad or any other PCB with a direct thermal pad.

Mtnelectronics.com is the only place that has them, however they only have 4 in stock and I need 20 of them. I have sent multiple messages over the last week and a half, but they will not reply with an answer as to when or if they will restock. (Very Frustrating! They could at least send me a curtesy message letting me know they have received my message.)

Thanks for any help!

s. I have a source where I can buy the emitters with cool white for a good price, but if anyone knows where to find them in NEUTRAL WHITE please let me know. (Bare emitter or on PCB) thanks

I haven't received any messages from you.

If you want neutral white, you got to pay the price like I did. Nobody has it cheaper than I could find. The cool whites are a dime a dozen and now that there are fake Cree LEDs being made, that good price for the cool white might be to good to be true.

Manufacturer Part #: XMLCTW-A0-0000-00C2AAAB1

Pricing (USD)
Cut Tape

Manufacturer: Cree, Inc.
Product Category: High Power LEDs - Multi-Color
RoHS: RoHS Compliant Details
Illumination Color: RGB, Neutral White
Wavelength/Color Temperature: 630 nm, 535 nm, 465 nm, 4300 K

RMM What do you mean?

Yes… If I buy the emitters from mouser I can get neutral white. I can be sure of the quality, and I wouldn’t have to unsolder the emitters to reflow to DTC.
But:/ when buying 20 emitters its 260 vs 100. So I’m not sure yet.

My biggest problem is finding the MCPCBs

Oh my… RRM, are you THE RRM? /: :\ :\ :expressionless: (Embaraced)…

RRM? Yeah, if you were messaging RRM that's not me.

I wouldn’t trust it since I have never bought from there, but it has the NW that you want but they call it WW in the drop down.


Technical Parameters For RGB+Warm White:

Size (mm) 20MM
CCT/wavelength 620-630nm (red) 520-535nm (green) 450-465nm(blue) 3700-4300k(warm white)
Product voltage 2.25-2.6V (red) 3.3-3.9V (green) 3.1-3.7(blue) 3.1-3.7(warm white)
Maximum drive current (A) 1.0
MAX luminous flux(LM) 87.4 (red) 114 (green) 39.8(blue) 80(warm white)
Maximum power (W) 12
Viewing angle (degrees) 130
order code:XMLCTW-A0-0000-00C2AAAB1

Why would one want so many XM-L Colors for other than making hunting flashlights for some Yoopers?


Hmmm? I don’t usually trust information from trolls but I will take a look(;

I took a look at kiwilighting. It looks like the same kind of thing, you don’t realy know wathya gonna git… As soon as I can secure some reflow pcb’s, I think I’m going to take the chance and I will take what I get?

So… RRM. Do you know when mntE’s going get more rgbw sinkpads?

Like I said, I wouldn’t trust them. Check out the picture in the testimonials. LOL!

Still not sure who RRM is, but probably not for another 2-3 weeks. I used up a lot of them getting some turned down to 16mm.

Ok. Thanks. I will keep waiting on them then. I can’t believe this is the only seller of these pads…

I am new to this forum so I didn’t know that you were associated with mntE’s. Earlier I would have spoke differently of my frustration had I known that. :slight_smile:

I am still confused about where you were sending your messages. I still haven't received anything from you.

They aren't that popular. I've had them for 6+ months and have only sold a handful of them. It's hard for someone to justify stocking them when there is little demand.

Yes, I understand not stocking them for sure.
Are you still going to restock them? Or could you get me some if I order them and pay in advance? I am unable to work do what I can when I can so I am not in a hurry for anything. I am recovering from a 5 year tragic illness and part of my recovery therapy is to get a hobby. So here I am:)

As for the messages… I sent 4 messages using the customer service “contact us” link on the Mountain Electronics website. Each time it confirmed my message but maybe I was filtered to spam?

Yes I am going to restock them with my next Sinkpad order, which is still a few weeks away.

E-mail me directly. mountainelectronics at gmail. The contact form seems to not work with some browsers.

OH MY!!! You’ve got to be kidding me! I did not even pay attention!
They need to be a little more careful in copying images from Google. Well I didn’t trust them anyway. Sad thing is I was planning on getting the XML RGBWs from there and I still think I might. Does that make me a supporter?

IDK? I may change my mind but I was planning on ordering from them while hoping that their fake version the the Cree would be good enough to cover the $14 vs $7 difference in price. If the output is low, I can accept that, but I don’t want to get an emitter with bad tint. Cuz’ here in MI all “tint” is against the law. :wink:

Carpenter Edgar looks like “One Tough Nerd”. I hope his green LED therapy is helping him. :bigsmile:

Are we aloud to continue to use Michiganisms on this forum:)

Can anyone interpret the following Cree order code? Is it neutral white? CCT?