Where to buy high 90CRI led (XP-L or XM-L2 size)

Kaidomain sells the XM-L2 in 3000K 7A3 tint, 92CRI. Can get it on 16mm, 20mm, or bare led. Here is the 16mm version.


I really like this one, my 2 Olight SR Mini, S30RIII, S1R and S2R are equipped with it and are all really pleasant to use in and outdoor :slight_smile:

Yes, I also have some lights with them, but they are now somewhat outdated. They have been available since 2013 and mine have a rather yellow tint (probably not 7A3). The XP-L should be available with the same tint and be a bit more efficient and the XP-L2 will definitely be, when it is available.

Well yeah, they’re not the brightest for sure but are the only option for Olight TIR with good CRI (apart from the old 5D1 80+ CRI that intl outddor used to sell)…

Try illumn.com they have them on sale $3.00 each (oops maybe I shouldn’t have let the cat piss green out of the bag)

Nichia NVSL219BT-V1 4000K, 93 CRI, D200 Bin -Bare


Availability: In stock
Nichia 4k 93cri

Clemence has many Nichia options on his store too. Not XM-L2/XP-L die sizes, but the 319A is interesting.


Kaidomain also has some 90+ CRI 219B and 219C options.

xpl2 90cri leds (XPLBWT-00-0000-000UU640H) were available to purchase with the minimum buy as 1 led with free shipping on Arrow Electronics a little while back. I picked up one to test out, so you could always wait until Arrow has them available again.

Mouser has them in stock too, shipping isn’t free though.

Did you try them yet?

Yes, I did. I put it in a Convoy s2+ and gifted it to a friend. I might have a beamshot somewhere but it was taken with my iPhone. I’ll try to dig it up later tonight.

good to know but I cant get his website to work. the illuminations guys does for me.

Cutter has some 95 CRI XP-G2s. Not very efficient, but the highest CRI I’ve seen in a high-power LED so far.

Did you find it? :slight_smile:

So both are Convoy S2+ lights running off of an18350 cell, left one is running a xpl-hi v2 5000k led with a smo reflector and the right one is running the xpl2 90 cri 4000k led with a ledil boom reflector.

Thanks! Do you have a larger version?

So it’s definitely much warmer than the XP-L HI, as exptected. It seems that the middle of the spot is a bit cooler than the outer part?

I edited the picture so that it would be bigger.

The wall is white I assume?

Yes it is. It’s not noticeable with the bad picture but with the reflector that I used for the xpl2, there is a lot of spill without really a hotspot.

It is a year old thread, so I wonder if there is still a source of a high cri XP-L HI @3000K?

I need something this warm, capable of direct drive AND domeless, so it can sit almost flush with an asperic lens.

Why don’t you consider Samsung leds though you would have to slice the dome to make it domeless. You can look here: