Where to Buy M6, i4 and four good 18650 in EU?

After some members advice i decided to buy a four cell flashlight with batteries and chargers.
The point is, M6 (with xml2) seems to be impossible to find under $80 and some seller wont ship li ion batteries…

About i4… it really charge 4 batteries with 4 indipendent channel? (i can’t find HKJ review…)

I’ll wait for suggestion especially from EU buyer that faced same issue.


HKJ’s excellent review of teh I4 is here:


It only has 2 channels - 1 and 3, and 2 and 4 are linked, making it a little slow with four 18650’s.

I don’t know where to buy the M6, except for Mountain Electronics in the US - a great dealer, by all accounts, but shipping from the States will be prohibitively expensive, I would think.

Supfire M6 $46.50 from Sliexpress

Thanks woody and how2 for the links.
Seems that XML2 version is available only at ME… :~

Any suggestion for best place to buy chargers and batteries? And what batteries you suggest with a good price/quality rate?

Thanks again