Where to buy optics for a dqg 26650?

Today I got a delivery of 2x used DQG 26650 lights (among other things). They both arrived with the optic removed and neither of them worked. After some disassembly, head scratching etc…. I managed to get both lights working :partying_face:

However they are far from perfect. One has a loose driver retaining ring, mismatched ano on the head and body, and missing legs on the optic. The other has 1-2 scratches and the body cannot be screwed in too tight or it pushes the driver into the switch wires and sporadically turns on/off/changes mode (I only worked this out after re-assembly).

So they need a bit more work to be half decent lights. Main thing I need to replace is the optics. Do you know where I can get them?

On the plus side, one is cw and one is nw :smiley:

Cutter has different Optics. Maybe worth a try.

Thanks DNF. I had a look but I didn’t see anything that was a direct replacement. I did find a 35mm quad optic though :smiling_imp:

I don’t know if the stock driver can handle quads so I would need to replace that as well :frowning:

I thought I had found one at KD but that one appears to have no legs. I think it might be a wider beam angle too.

Still looking if anyone has a suggestion