Where to buy some good CREEs right now.

After going on a massive hunt for the perfect emitter, I’ve been enjoying using NW Crees most of the time. For some reason, their tint seems earthy and mellower. I’m mostly using a M61N with XP G2 4000k and a Nichia 319A 4000k, which I think is a lot like a Cree. I also like the Eagletac D25c XP L V6.

Anyways, I guess I’m looking to buy a whole bunch and try them out. I thought XP G2 was old news. Why does Malkoff still use them? What did Eagletac use in the D25c ti XP L V6? Whats your favorite. And… where do I get them?

What are the the emitters you don’t like as much for a point of comparison?

I bought a convoy S2+ with a 7A tint and it was too green. Warm, yes, but also green. I don’t like the XHP70.2 at all. I don’t like the common XM L2 that I find in Eagtacs and Jetbeams. Usually the tint shift is just terrible.

I like the Catapult cool white outdoors, but not so much indoors. Very green.

I like these 4000k Crees because they have earthy, dark green and umber tints. I don’t like just Cree green. Its the combination of green/ruddy tints that I like. It’s not accurate color rendition, but I find it pleasant to look at.

This is umber red.

Had a look at the LH351D? Quite nice…

You’d need a boost driver and reflector to fit, but damn, the MT-G2 is still hard to beat in all its creamy-white goodness.

Oh, Malkoff probably still uses the “old news” G2 because the G3 is absolutely hideous. Worst angular tint-shift I’ve ever seen.

Good point. I haven’t tried the LH351D yet.

the nichia 219c i have in wts may interest you.
but even with a specific bin from 2 different sources you may see differences.
everyone sees colors a bit differently so sometimes you have to just roll the dice.

Your find 7A so Green?my sample it’s similar to well pushed Halogen.
But of course compared to Incandescent looks more whiter/greenish,

Could’ve just lost the Tint Lottery; A and D should be below the BBL and on the rosy side.

Also, keep in mind that with reflectors, you’ll always get a fried-egg beam. The center hotspot will always be warmer/yellower (greener?) than the spill, which usually ends up being cooler/bluer.

My first 4C (above the BBL, yet) seemed way too warm for it to be a 4C, ’til I used it for ceiling-bounce, and then it looked good.

Behind a TIR lens, which nicely mixes the beam, 4C is downright beautiful, “warm sunlight” like I always say. And slightly above the BBL is what natural sunlight usually is like.

So… whether 4C or 7A, ditch the reflector and stick in a pretty standard 20mm TIR lens, and enjoy.

Cree XPL-HI 3200K in the FW3A was nicely warm and rosy.

XPL-HI 5D is rosy neutral-warm.

XPL-HI 3A should be good.

XHP70.2 5A 4000K from Kaidomain is rosy (!)

XM-L2 5D4 4000K from Simon is litterally the best led I’ve seen. It even looks asif it has a higher CRI than the 95CRI SST-20 and has a nicer tint than the E21A. A shame he doens’t want to sell them anymore.

It was a s2+ 7A from MTNelectronics. Youre probably right, it doesn’t seem like how a 7A should look. Enough green to be not pretty.

Ok, ditch the reflectors. I’ve heard a lot of people not like 5d and I’m not a fan of sw45k.

I was really hoping that someone would steer me to a particular inventory right now. Or do we keep these things secret and gradually suck down the reels ourselves?

I didn’t at all like the XP L V6 3D in the BLF Q8

maybe you can find some emitters you like on www.sofirnlight.com