Where to buy the Ultrafire UF-H6? Any better alternatives to that light?

Have not bought any lights in the last coupe of years so I do not know which stores are still ok to buy from.

Are there any better alternatives to this light at a similar price?
Has to be this kind of design….

you could get the skilhunt H01
skilhunt h01

Any other suggestions?
Would not the H2 be a better choice over the H1?
Any other suggestions in $50 price segment?

i did not know your price point, but the H2 is better

I like H2 better, the switch is located on top of the host, easier to operate. Basically I find the host is mod-friendly (I have since swapped the driver with Nanjg with Armytek like firmware, change to high CRI emitter, etc). I think there is a discount coupon from BG, which brings the price down to 40 something.

Can I ask why u like this design? Or can people give examples for good uses for this design. Only thing I can think of it can tail stand and shine the light forward.
Only reason why I’m asking is because I have the uf h6, and it jus sits in my drawer. I prolly used it like twice since I bought it like 2 years ago. I don’t like the switch, it’s tiny and very stiff to press.

I got one last year. I maybe 6 uses out of it before it broke. There are better headlamps out there. I am currently using the nightcore headlamp that is group buy until the end of the year. I love it. I think I am going to get another before it is over.

I also bought HC50 in group buy and for this price i think it is great, today i gave it to my father to try it, because now, he has old Petzl headlamp that works on triple AAA baterys. The diference is enormous…He didnt say a lot, but he just didnt put HC50 down from his head :laughing:

@ sapolan: That just makes me smile. My dad would not necessarily say anything either. But he'd be hard pressed to give it back :-)

Sometimes light, says more than 1000 words :slight_smile:

Might as well mention that some throw is priority as it will be used for horseback riding.
Is the H02 at all “throwy”?
The Nitecore seems not…

I would consider H02 not a throwy light.
Instead of reflector, it uses TIR lens, good for close up works, no hot spot at all.
However, there is this H02R version that uses normal reflector
(but I don’t know whether the discount coupon will work on this as well)

Cheaper option is Crelant CH10, can be had around $25 from AliExpress.
But this front heavy T-shape headlamp might not be the best for horseback riding.

I’ll throw in a recommendation to avoid the Ultrafire headlamps. My UF-H2b was very disappointing in output and came with stripped screws in the belt clip. I’d wager that my Galaxy S3 flashlight was brighter :frowning: Since made the move to a Armytek Tiara … much better!

Check out the Xtar H2, my second favorite headlamp behind the Nirecore HC50.

I’ve used my H6 more times than I can count, and I like it. I considered the Nitecore — good price right now, and definitely better looking — but I doubt it would have enough over the H6 to warrant having two 18650 headlights. I use this for snowthrowing, since it has a nice husky output.

I have an H2 that I’ve used to death and it keeps going strong; it’s good for moderate brightness need. It could serve the snowthrowing function, but not as well as the H6. I’ve had the internals of the tail switch unscrew on me a number of times, probably because it’s necessary to unscrew the tail a bit to prevent parasitic drain.

For finesse, I also have the Zebralight H502W. I’ve used that for fill lighting when working on motorcycles, for example. It’s not the primary light, but it banishes those nasty shadows that always crop up when using a trouble light. It’s easy to forget it’s even on. I know people have had switch problems with this light, but mine has held up just fine.

My experience with the H6 has also been very good. Zero reliability issues over 2 years or more. You can get it at http://www.ultrafire-shop.net for $38 delivered and their shipping has been faster than the average Chinese vendor.

I do wish they’d redesign the switch, as it is impossible to operate it wearing gloves, but it’ll never turn on accidentally… :wink:
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Already have a quite front heavy bike light kind of lamp. Bobs up and down far too much.
Now I use an UF2100 EDC kind of light in a headband. Works ok from a flood/throw perspective so something similar but with the looks of the ones mentioned in this thread is what I need I think.

i use this in a holster on my waist when walking my dog on patrol and deployment. Holster will allow me to twist the light so it is horizontal and in line with my belt and if i need to move quickly less chance of it getting in the way.

It’s also good as a desk light set away from you… I have also on occasion attached it to the dog when he is off lead in the dark :wink:

I have a few ultrafire and hardly ever recommend them to friends…

reason being… I have sometimes purchased more than one of the same product and stripped it down only to find inconsistencies in both parts and qualities between items with the same order.

saying that I have had a few which have been ok, though I always swap out the batteries for others of better quality as I never trust their own :frowning:

could you post me the group buy link or pm me please i would be thankful to check it out before i miss out on it :slight_smile:

thanks in advance