Where to buy XHP50 5000k J4 Bin

Hi there, I am new to the forum, but have been watching for a couple weeks now. I am looking to make my own homemade vehicle light bar using 6 XHP50 LED’s. I have looked on Cutter Electronics, but they only have H2 Flux bin (on a sink pad), and nowhere I see ebay has 5000k J4 binned LED’s. I would like to get the best price available. Any help would be appreciated. THanks.

Thanks, but I looked there also, there is no 5000k J4 binned XHP50s. They need to be the top binned (J4 5000k LEDs, (3A, 3B, 3C, or 3D).


google is your friend

But he said that he wanted - “(3A, 3B, 3C, or 3D).”



my bad still google

What’s the Bin?

Actually, there is no Tint specified either… In this case the seller is saying that this is a 3 (Amp) emitter.



3a is Not a Bin - He’s looking for J4.

As per the thread title.


Seems like the only places that have them only offer them on special order with a MOQ of 500. Being the top level bin in a not super cool temp they are probably just not super available yet. Maybe just have to use J2 bin and maybe make up for it with better optics or depending on your application there is always the XHP-70 :evil:

The closest I can find is J2-3D that LED-DNA has.

ok I’m only doing half a job searching

cutter has a few is j42d close enough”


Thanks for the help searching guys. It looks like I might HAVE to just use J2 binned LEDs, in that case there are a few places that have them. Like Scianiac said, I can buy the J4-3x LEDs on DigiKey, but at a Minimum Order of 500 pcs. I looked at using the XHP-70, but there just aren’t the optics that work with it… wasted lumens, no spot optics that give a narrow enough beam, at least in TIRs.

I will be using Gaggione 67mm TIR 9 Degree spot optics and Carclo 30mm Elliptical wide/flat TIR optics. 3 spots, and 3 floods in a 10 inch bar… no one even comes close to 15,000 lumens in a 10 inch size range, even Baja Designs. I am pretty excited for this project. I might be making a few of them for siblings and friends, so if anyone on here is interested in getting one, LMK.

I am almost set on using THESE DRIVERS , 3A units (they did just have 3.3amp versions listed with multi-currents modes (dimmable) which I will use if they will still be available, over drive the xhp-50s a little while having low beam modes ) $5 USD. Unless some of you have used these and know they are garbage? They look decent made, all solid state, no electrolytic caps. I preferably want the driver to last as long as the LED itself, for good reasons. The hard part of making your own light bar, is the enclosure, keeping it inexpensive… machined body with a separate attached heatsink is what I have in mind.

Losthepot, how much colder is 5700k than 5000k color? I really don’t like headlights with a cool tint because of eye strain, but I will use them if enough people say so.

Looks like DigiKey NOW sells J4 single XHP-50 LEDs, just the LED array, not on a PCB pad. They don’t sell PCB pads unfortunately, but those aren’t hard to come by. You can buy from Digikey basically every bin and tint that Cree makes, nice. $11.68 CAD for 5700K J4 Bin LED chip, not bad, but if you don’t like reflowing your own LEDs then buying from them isn’t an option. I for one have never done it, and I am not sure how difficult it is?

Might not be worth the few dollar you save, but the selection is there.

Interested in your project as we are developing a similar board, I note your optic sizes equate to 11.5 inches, not 10 inches, or did I miss something. our project will have the driver circuit on the board so single board design, are you happy with the Gaggione. I am thinking of using the 45mm versions



Hi there, nice to see someone else doing such a project. The optics will be overlapping (vertically) a little bit, saving room. Think two smaller 30mm optics being side by side vertically, and in the void that is created by the larger 67mm Gaggione optics. I think I can get 3 67mm and 4 30mm optics in around 10 inches, maybe a little more, and maybe I should give it some more room perhaps… extra cooling area.

I am now pointing towards using XHP-70s in the 67mm optics, as the PEAK Lux intensity will be the same as the xhp-50s, but with a larger beam angle, more light. ~100,000 Lux from both the 50 and 70 running the 67mm Gaggione.

What driver circuits will you be using? Tell me more about these drivers, what LEDs will you be using?

Also, I have not purchased the Gaggione optic yet, I only have a 30mm Carclo lense so far… just starting this project, and finances have taken a turn for the worse lately so this might be a month before I can start testing the LEDs and optics.