where to buy?

Just looking a few suggestions on good sites for parts. this specifically to replace a faulty tail sw on my x6r but i do often fiddle with modding in my head haha so maybe someday I will but…. any good links would be a great start and muchly appreciated.

thank you. it may be a bit in depth for me at the moment but super helpful, thank you again

In the US you have MTN Electronics.

Abroad I would suggest Convoy Store at AliExpress, and Kaidomain.


http://www.kaidomain.com/ AND/OR https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1100467366

Thanks, I have looked at mnt elect but they seem to have an extremely limited selection and seem to lean so heavily to convoy to be nearly exclusive and only one option for forward clicky. My slow ass hasn’t measured mine yet so it may still work but….

Kaidomain is a great resource for flashlight parts!

Very reasonable prices/shipping and never had an issue with them. Sometimes it would take longer than expected, but eventually I would receive my orders. And packaged very well!

I’ve purchased many unique items from them over the years, such as switches, switch covers, clips, lenses, LED gaskets, diffusers, etc. They have parts that are hard to find anywhere else.