Where to download Anduril

Hi guys,

I am going to flash my Astrolux MF01 mini (same driver board as mateminco mt07) and I was wondering where I can download all necessary Anduril files. Is there a precompiled version I can just flash or do I have to build it from source code? I am going to need to adjust some of the configuration files to make a voltage calibration (to add 0.2V to read voltage). Is the firmware one file or a whole folder of code files? This may all seem stupid but I never flashed firmware before.

~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/fsm : files for revision 490 have fun.

Thx, I downloaded the branch “lp:~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/fsm” because it had the code for Astrolux/Mateminco MF01 MINI. I Unzipped the tarball and found the file I needed to adjust to correct the Voltage measurement:

File: hwdef-Mateminco_MF01-Mini
#define VOLTAGE_FUDGE_FACTOR 5 // add 0.25V

Now that I have it, how do I run the make command in the fsm\ToyKeeper\spaghetti-monster\anduril folder?
That the part I cant figure out.

Is it just me or is anyone else getting this erro when trying to download Anduril Code?

This page isn’t working bazaar.launchpad.net is currently unable to handle this request.

Download via breezy. The archive download page on launchpad is broken for years.

No Breezy for Windows? What then? Where to DL Anduril2 or the other toykeeper firmware listed? Thanks

Got you. Thanks for reply. I’m not familiar with breezy. I’ll Google it.

Bazaar should still work.

Thanks I’ll give it a go.

Finally worked - thanks.