Where to finddDecent domestically obtained 18650's?

I want to by up to a dozen batteries from a US shipping location that are relatively inexpensive and at least 2400 true mA. Does such a thing exist? It doesn’t have to be a US company, just one that has CONUS inventory to avoid the whole China freight issue.

Down a few threads https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/22440

They’ll cost more since they’re sold individually. Maybe email him or see if you can get a bulk discount. I’m pretty sure they’re all legit.

Unprotected or protected? Sanyo? Those are about 2400mah.

I’ve had good results ripping up laptop packs/tool packs (Not the pack based Lipos!) for 18650’s but that depends on your skill set/risk level.

I haven’t used any newer packs either, some of the newer ones don’t used 18650’s anymore (Smaller cells) :(.

Illumination supply.


Here is one great place in the US with good prices:

RMM from BLF = Mtn Electronics….best seller I’ve ever bought from….werd.

E2 Field Gear is also excellent.


The owner of this site, Jason, owns Redilast and hand tests all of his batteries before shipping them. His protection circuits use 3 AlphaOmega MOSFETs and Seiko IC’s. In my opinion, they are the best you can buy and his customer service is second to none.

It’s already been well covered here. Let me put my 2cents worth and say I agree. I can totally recommend Mountain Electronics.

Thanks! I have what I needed.

About the only place I have found to reliably obtain the incredible Senybor 2400’s is here on eBay. They are not widely distributed in the US, but are consistently a top performer when included in tests. I have ordered from him before and he ships quickly.


Panasonics and others @ R-Isales in eBay.

’sonics A,B,PD & PF under 10 bucks including super fast shipping.

I’ve bought from them and will buy again.
In fact, I placed an order today for 18350s.
It will be here before the end of the week.

Be happy, Carlos.