Where to get 22600 batteries

I have some free flashlights that seem to take 22600 batteries by my measurements. Can these still be purchased?

bump :frowning:

Haven’t seen any lights designed for that cell
( but what do I know?)
Maybe the light is one that originally used a 3AAA carrier?
I’ve heard of 22600’s filling this role, but they might have length issues.
Will a 18650 fit in the light? That would be your most easily available choice.

The AAA pack is 51mm long and makes a poor connection. The 18650 fits very tight… But now that you mention it, I should probably just 3D print an adapter sleeve and put my money into 18650s that will definitely be more useful in the future. Thanks for posting Travis! It’s little posts like that that are very helpful :slight_smile:


I’d just use a 18500 cell w/ a spacer. At least I think that isn’t to hard of a cell to find. I dunno. Sorry can’t help u… :~

Pretty close to B size alkaline.

I try to find 22600battery in alibaba,but they say sold out

I prefer the 18650 idea.

That’s only 1.5v. That probably wouldn’t even start the diodes.

Same everywhere :frowning:

Yep. I thought it goes w/o saying that anytime a 18650 cell readily fits that a 18500 cell shouldn’t be used. I wasn’t familiar with the dimensions of your light & so if a 18650 fits then yes it would be a no brainer to go w/ that…


in some that were tight i removed the switch end spring and opened up its hole to fit the cell.the cell - now fits against the switch lead and the spring at the + end makes the tension.beware that any free ones will get their leds beat to death in short order with a li-ion.