Where to get a good priced SKYRAY 1JC8?

After 7 days i got a refund from BIC with the message saying the item is unavailable, and fully refunded promptly.

I would really like to get a few soon. DX have them althrough a bit more expensive but DX service has been very sluggish recently...

Or a similar Q5 single mode thrower for up to 16usd that is decently built.

The least appealing solution would be a Manafont MRV & KD 1050 driver... but i would love to avoid that.

Preferred sellers are MF, KD, ebay eventually DX...

Is there another light that meets the criteria im unaware of?

Must be:

- q5 or r2

- single mode

- deep SMO reflector

- single 18650

- up to 16usd shipped

This was perfect but unavailable at BIC:


Asking too much?

I found www.priceangels.com.

Placed an order for 2 1JC8 and gonna be the guinea pig.

PACW3OFF is the 3% off generic coupon code if anyone interested.

Totaling a bit under 14usd each with tracking.

If only they can manage to post the parcel in 3-4 days. :/

What makes you think its n/a at BIC? Seems to work here.

I've ordered once or twice at Priceangels, and delivery was one day after the order.

What makes you think its n/a at BIC? Seems to work here.


I placed the order 7 days ago and today got a message saying:

Sorry we are unable to get the item in time.

And the refund was issued in an hour or so after the mail.

I hope i get lucky and gets shipped this month!

I used the 10% code found floating on net. Maybe they realized it was too cheap and decided on the refund rather than sending it. Wouldn't surprise me.

How was the packaging on priceangels?

The packaging was the same as DX: a yellow bubblewrap envelope containing the item (in my case it was a knife) in a lousy cardboard.

I've got a edi-t 18650 ordered from some really odd place as well ..whether they 'll ship it for the 12.20 or realize that Dx has it now for dounle and won't ship it or cannot .. i figure it's worth a shot ...I wrote dx and asked them if they would still sell me the 18650 for the 12.20 and that I was buying the 16340 version and had my eye on the other one forever .. I asked online in one of the type in your problem and we'll get to it when we're able .....It took DX 10 days to say .. huh ? 3 times no comprehendo i just quit ... I think they didn't know how to deal with someone not complaining ..a simple question was just too tough .

Wow dyslexia at its finest! XD

But i think i got what you wanted to say. It was however very hard to read or maybe i'm just tired. I also wanted to contact DX to sell me (at old price) a few EDI-T lights that i wanted but waited too long and prices doubled before i made my mind.

I liked this one:


Think about