Where to get AR coated Lens for Shadow SL3

I just received the glorious Shadow SL3 yesterday from Wallbuys.
Well, initially it went trough a detour to the wrong country, much to my frustration, but here it is. This is really an amazing flashlight with a nice finish.
But an AR coated Lens would make it even more amazing. The holster is already ordered and on the way.
Do any of you guys know where I can get an AR lens that would fit the SL3 and make my friend drool?

Sounds great, looking forward to get mine..

What is the lens size?

Maybe 58mm AR lens is the one you are looking for?

Thanks RaceR86. I just removed the bezel (could also measure the spare lens provided, but who cares) and measured the lens, it seems that it is 60mm. Can anyone confirm/refute?

This is an amazing light, almost perfect… Hmmm, well I found an imperfection the SL3 logo is not aligned with the switch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got my light today. :)

58mmx2mm lens can be fitted.

Is the negative battery spring on yours loose/easy to take out?

Cool. I’ll just order the 58mm lens.
The negative spring is not really loose on mine. I don’t even know how to take it out. It doesn’t seem to have a tail cap.