Where to get eneloop + charger?

I found these 2 on amazon. The second one is supposed to be newer according to amazon. Seems dodgy though. Is there a cheaper/better place to get the eneloop kit? Or a better way to go about it all together? Like different batteries and charger? My budget is $20. I just want the most reliable batteries and charger. Thanks for lookin.



Costco in the states have good deals on eneloop kits (AA’s, AAA’s and a charger, sometimes C & D adapters too).

Right now my costco has the 10xAA or 12xAAA for $20 and they often offer instant manufacturer rebates, which takes a few $ off at the register. This doesn't include the charger though. For the first few years eneloop was on the market they were selling the battery/charger package and it was a great deal. For $20 I still don't think you can beat this deal, especially when there are instant rebates. But it's certainly not the deal of the century. It's a matter of a few $.

I think I bought mine through Amazon. I have what's pictured in your first link. I'm not sure what they are referring to in second link (newer). I've never had a problem with Amazon however (including any of their suppliers).

Remember these $20 of batteries will probably last you 10 years. In the end, a few dollars more per cell doesn't amount to anything. The hours spent hunting to save those few dollars are worth more.

I got mine at Thomas Distributing. http://www.thomasdistributing.com/

Shipped pretty fast too.


The second link seems to be a good deal. They are the newest version .

Definitely just go with Amazon. You get awesome customer service and great deals. I rank them at the top for online retail stores on those two categories and Costco at top for brick-and-mortar (they're online, too). That's for large companies anyway.

I bought mine from Costco when they were offering the whole package. I think I got 6xAAA, 4xAA, C & D cell adapters and the charger for $25 (I think it was $29 before instant rebate). The cells they offer now all have color and aren't white anymore.

Or am I reading this wrong? http://www.amazon.co.uk/18650-Li-Ion-Battery-Charger-Rechargeable/dp/B005B4BHUM/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1319320816&sr=1-2 I need a charger (14500 and 18650, recommendations appreciated) but I assumed I'd have to buy a different one for AA/Eneloops..

Here some relevant info for this thread:

they are a little harder to find but they exist: Eneloop "1500x" 4-packs with original Sanyo battery storage cases. The Eneloop AA w/ original case is sold worldwide, the Eneloop AAA w/ original case is sold on ebay. "1500x" is the Eneloop 2G (2nd gen).

Eneloop 3G (Third Generation) and new set of chargers is out, Nov 2011! another reference link: PDF

The most comprehensive and current(!) info on Eneloop is found on: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eneloop

According to the wiki page, the 2nd gen products (Eneloop 1500x and chargers) arent produced anymore but discontinued. If you are new to Eneloops, try to buy the 3G cells:

model numbers are:

1G, AAA: HR-4UTG (released Nov 2005), "1000x"

1G, AA: HR-3UTG (released Nov 2005), "1000x"

2G, AAA: HR-4UTGA (released Mai 2010), "1500x"

2G, AA: HR-3UTGA (released Mai 2010), "1500x"

3G, AAA: HR-4UTGB (released Nov 2011), "1800x"

3G, AA: HR-3UTGB (released Nov 2011), "1800x"

the new 2012 global Eneloop site is: http://panasonic.net/energy/eneloop/index.html

btw, Panasonic has been acquiring Sanyo. cat eats fish. meeaouw.

ok, got these today. note that it is the original (German) blister packaging, still sealed, am going to open it now. And there is no date of manufacture printed on it. according to the Eneloop handbook (v2010-06-07) the blister packs do have a manufacture date printed on it! (The latest version of the Eneloop handbook is the Japanese v2011-11-14, with 22 pages, argh!)

Well, this one doesnt:

Why glitter, why colors?

So that it's easier to distinguish the samples. They are numbered anyway. Otherwise i'd write a number on them. We wanna keep track of their life & history, dont we? ;)

OH, theres 1800x version coming also :o

yeah, it's already out, in Japan and on ebay. Will hit European market in beginning of February, i.e. in a ~3 or 4 weeks.

Too bad the "new" chargers suck like the old ones (seems to be the same functions and same speeds as the chargers released at the same time as the 1500 cycle eneloops).

Only if you charge one single battery will it take less than two hours, lame.

i think one of the new chargers determines the remaining capacity (discharge state) of the cells *before* you begin the recharging. no LCD display but some advanced LED indicators. or it's a model to be released. anyway, that's lame too because simply by looking at the voltage-capacity diagram (e.g. HKJ's measurement graphs) we would know what the remaining capacity is .. as long as you have some multimeter (or hobby charger) at hand.

know the voltage, and you know the remaining capacity. -- that's because Eneloops have a clearly defined discharge graph by Panasonic's highest quality standards.

One of the chargers released with the 1500 cycle batteries also had a battery testing function (And that is not counting the Eneloopy...). If it works like the Eneloopy then it's not so great...

I checked them out in Japan and they were all expensive and underpowered.

mfm, which chargers do you own (or use)?

i'm on a C9000. that's better than eneloop original chargers because the C9000 has a LCD display.

I have lots of chargers, some of the newer Sanyo Eneloop models and some others. But mostly I use the Sanyo MQH02 Super-quick Charger (Korea model) and also the USB-powered Sanyo KBC-E1A (2xAA individual channels, can charge USB devices, Japan model).

thanks for letting us know!

hmm. instead of several NimH chargers maybe 1 good charger with display wouldve been less cost-intensive? the mobility of travel chargers is cool if you really need a mobile charger in addition to the 8-pack of AA's in your pocket.

ever thought of buying a proven charger with display? (rebranded copy of BC-700, or the C-9000)