Where to get some FORWARD clickie switches?

Hey all,

I was just wandering if anyone can tell me where to get some forward clickie switches that are similar to this?


Thanks in advance.

Never seen a forward switch like that. Many years ago I had a cheap 1W Luxeon/3AAA light that had a tiny little 10mm round/8-10mm tall forward switch, but I've never seen another like it anywhere.


Looks similar as far as I can tell.


No, those are huge compared to the one in the OP.

Maybe this would work?

That is the exact same large x huge forward switch, again.

this doesn’t say forward or reverse but looks right.


It has same board diameter as the one OP linked. It’s little longer, but adding spacers or modifying the rubber cap might fix that.

It is in no way shape or form just 'a little longer', it's longer (taller) by a full .200", and that just flat out will not fit in a lot of lights no matter what.

The Rominsen forward switches are the only ones I have any experience with. I’ve put them in several lights.

i want some! in bulk! like 10 or more!

Olight from Illumination supply