Where would I start with building a custom light?

So I just found out that my work basically has a maker space that I have acces too. Soldering iron, heat gun, 3d printers even a CNC machine apparently.

My dream project is to make a light that fits inside of a zippo case. I want to essentially make a led that runs off a lithum battery that is basically a tiny little pocket latern aka flood.

Obviously that’s maybe not a good place to begin with a first project but not sure where I should start with a first project.

I tried to piece together a tips thread but it is not a guide or how to… Light building tips

As far as a “starter” project my suggestion would be to make what you really want in a slightly larger scale. Zippo is pretty small so a bigger version will be easier to work on.

Good luck :beer:

Pulling it out to recharge it would be ok with me and I was thinking someone had to make a battery small enough to fit.

The pre made zippo light insert looks like gas station hot garbage.

My inspiration is more aesthetic than practical or overall output. I was inspired by how in every movie people just use their lighter and it puts it tons of light.

I thought it’d be cool to have a led with a warm flame like tint that did 100-200 lumens that I could fit in my jeans watch pocket.

I’ll look into those other projects to see if I can figure something out.

Have a look at some of CRX’s builds for inspiration. Awesome light modder but sadly he doesn’t frequent here much nowadays CRX Stratis Lumina - 2017 5th BLF Scratch Made Light Contest Winner

try this


As a starting point?

no, not really
i meant maybe it will already do what you want
it;s very tiny
plus it has USB-C charging and a 2nd LED, either UV or red

to use it, you would have to buy one and destroy it to see what they did
but it is bound to be a ‘polymer bag cell’ (not sure the exact name )- without a metal case

  • they are cheaper, and smaller (the shell of the flashlight protects the bag from punctures)

bluetooth headphones tend to use them



I mean I already have a rovyvon a8x keychain light which will likely be better than what I will make but sometimes the point isn’t the end result but the experience.

I think it’s easier to mod something like MiNix, E03R or TINI2 with 219b sw27.