Where's all the CULNM1s???

I can’t find these Boost HL anywhere outside of a complete flashlight for $50. Are they discontinued or something? Mouser and Arrow don’t even have them, and nothing on Aliexpress either. Lots of the CSLNM1 around, but I’m looking for higher output that 500 lumens. SFT40-W won’t work. The other option is the YinDing 5050 round die, but I’d like something I don’t need to run at 7-8 amps at optimum output.


ii have been wondering this for a long time too. I buy many cslnm1, cslpm1, and CULPM1 from both Simon and Hank, but I have never found a culnm1 for sale anywhere. Except for buying a lumintop x1L or Manker mc13 white.

would love to know a source as well. Would be great to push a 1mm osram to 7amps

led4power has sold them in the past and was planning to sell them again in the future

CULNM production status is “Not recommended for new designs” which means it’s in the process of being discontinued

Yah…unusual. I’d like to get one for a project, but can only find the 3030 version. I may have to get that one since my buck driver can’t do more than 5 amps. Looking for a symmetrical die, so the cslpm and culpm won’t work. I may try the YinDing though.

Sirstinky, not sure where you’re getting the 500 lumen stat from as the CSLNM1 does 900ish, and at 5amps it’ll be more intense than both the SFT-40 and the Yinding.
In fact, when they’re driven at max i think the SFT-40, Yinding, and CSLPM1/CULPM1 still fall a little short of the intensity of the CSLNM1.
They will have more lumens and bigger hotspots of course.

And while the CULNM1 can be driven a little harder than the CSL, and i believe is a little brighter with the same power, there’s very little difference between them visually.
(I have both but unfortunately have no definitive stats to share, but they seem quite similar.)

Basically, my opinion is that at 5 amps the CSL will do pretty much the same job as the CUL, certainly to the naked eye. I don’t see a reason to go out your way to find a CUL unless you’re aiming for something specific with the stats.

This is probably the best thread to get info: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/53735

though this thread has images directly comparing the CSLNM1 and CSLPM1 in the same host: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/62539

and this thread compares the SFT-40, Yinding, and CULPM1 which shows all three have pretty much the same reach but need more than 5amps to get there: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/68857

(Kudos obviously to the members who put all the work into the above threads, i love how much info is shared on this forum!)

Good to know and tha ks for the info. Maybe I was confused since most flashlights with the 3030 size 1mm2 emitter only run around 600 lumens. Probably not being driven too hard then. I’d be running it off an actively cooled heatsink so I don’t think higher drive currents would be an issue with the low Vf.

I bought some CULNM1s from LED4Power when they had them, still have about 8 unused LEDs on 20mm and 16mm mcpcbs. I just could not get them to do what they were supposedly capable of. The Vf I measured on them was high, over 4 volts at 6 amps. Also, when driven at 6 amps, the one I had performed worse than a flat black at 4.5 amps. The same light made 1.9 mcd with a flat black driven at 4.5 amps, and 1.4 mcd with a CULNM1 driven at 6 amps.

Not sure if my LEDs were bad or if I messed them up somehow.

Interesting. Maybe they were bad bins or something? Usually the 4040 size are efficient and better at handling higher wattage (like if direct driven). Maybe a bad reflow if the current drops quick at higher voltage.