Which 12*XM-L(2) flashlight?


I have a SkyRay Kung with 4 XM-L2 and a TR-J18 with 7 XM-L driven at real 3Amps - nice light, but I thoroughly honest (OK, not really) need a brighter light :smiley:

Now the question:
Which one with 12 XM-Ls to choose?

I want one with a good driver (or a link to a good one), no SOS or Strobe (!!!) :stuck_out_tongue:
I have 4 KingKongs - so batteries up to 4*26650.
A must have is a good heatsinking. I hate light like this: http://dx.com/p/ultrafire-15xt6-15-x-cree-xm-l-t6-8500lm-5-mode-white-flashlight-black-4-x-18650-26650-243244 - A lot of power but not enought heatsink to cool down even 15W.

Lights I found:
Trustfire AK-90
Trustfire TR-J20 a bit too big I guess
UltraFire LW-12L2
12 x Cree XM-L T6 LED 5-Mode 13800 Lumens Flashlight (6 x 18650) too little heatsinking…

I think, that the TR-J20 would be the best light - massive heatsink, a lot of space for another driver[s], not too expensive…
Would you buy new LiIons because that one can use 32650? Are there batterys with benefits vs. the ICR 4Ah KingKongs?

What do the professionals say? :smiley:


I would go with the J-20 myself, for the heatsinking alone.

Yeah, that J20 has been on my radar for a while as well. I am generally NOT A FAN of plunger lights, but this one is big enough for me to overcome that. It looks HUGE! HAHA, and its styling is BEAUTIFUL in my eyes! So sleek, and simple, nothing crazy going on, no stupid ‘strike bezels’, no multi-color ano, and a single piece battery tube. This would be mine, if it weren’t for the crappy 5-mode, run of the mill, driver. Darn chinamen. If it ever goes on sale though 8) …

u/A number 1 was able to achieve 7.4 amps at the tail cap over in this thread, with just a tiny mod. Dang, with that kind of current, I may be ‘fine’ with the stock driver. Ah, the gears are turning, and the wallet is weeping… J)


I saw that one - but it’s too expensive and has the Number-1-NoGo: Extremely small heatsink
I mean - a theoretical max. of 180W and 5 little fins?

So, even though I don’t like the appearance, I will go for the J20.