Which 26650 battery for Utorch UT02?

I’ve just purchased a Utorch UT02 light and am unsure which 26650 battery type and brand to go for? Do I go protected or IMR?
Is IMR safe when using built in charger on the UT02?
Which brand, Keeppower or another brand as good as? :???:

There is a variety of alternatives but, as things are now in the 26650 market, I'd look nowhere else besides the LiitoKala 26650-50A and/or the latest Shockli IMR26650 5200+mAh offerings (Battery test 26650, comparator @ lygte-info.dk), all of these cells from PLB (http://www.plb.com.cn/syxl.html).

Cheers ^:)

P.S.: the actual cell chemistry has little to do with their wrap markings nowadays. It only matters if the charger is nice (good CC/CV algorithm, current and termination voltage). The aforementioned cells have low IR so 2A charging is a piece of cake for them.

Thanks for that Barkuti, I was just looking at the LiitoKala 50A on Fasttech but never heard of the brand before.
I have alot of 18650’s which are all Sanyo/Panasonic (Mostly protected) but I have been unsure which is a good brand with the 26650 type batteries.

I will go ahead and buy the LiitoKala.

Thanks Again

I’m using Liitokala 26650 , best battery at these $ for sure !

Remember to use BLF coupon at FastTech if not buying in bulk (can't be combined it seems).


Ordered using BLF code. Really good price.