Which better choice between this 3 - Trustfire F23, BlackCat and Tank 703

If i remember correctly mine shipped out from there overseas warehouse.....it took the lights about 10 days to get too me which is not bad at all. If you take a look around it will tell you where the order is being shipped from.8)

Salamat Kaibigan! Smile

Your welcome man......Cool So which lights do you plan on getting them....they some lights that come in colors as well.

I'm getting one of each of the colored ones (clear, black, red, yellow) and one of these plus one or 2 more budget lights.

Suggestions anyone?

Cool they will like it man.....Have you taken a look at the Romisen RC-H3....i used have the Q5 version before my cousing jacked it and called it his own.

It's out of stock. What about this one?


This one looks cool. Can attach to a Gorillapod or a regular tripod.


Lets not go with the Ultrafire light...i have sent you links for it on YM which is about 3bones cheaper then GG......i like the Tank light.

Or this one.


I would rather get the 18650 light since the runtime would be a lot longer then the cr123 version.

That's what I was thinkin'.

Thank you!

I had a look at all this torches before, and have read many reviews on them on this site, jayki and on DX =)))
Still cannot decide which is best choice. I like Trustfire F22, but it's twice expensive. Also some of them need to little fix before use, which I cannot send.

I have made the order for my grandfather and grandmother with Trustfire F23 (Grandmother will like this shiny torch, i hope=)) (Also I had a walk yesterday with my trustfire and tank E07 and did compare about visible light amount..and this is quite same! I wrote before that I will send the BlackCat to them, but after yesterday's walk I decided to send to them the trustfire) and have added to their order 4 AAA LSD Enitime x and also 22000 Led Keychan 10-pack at DX. But this is for a test, how long it is will be ship to Kazakhstan, because I never tried it before.

Anyway I can send to them other torch at anytime and the trustfire they can give to my Uncle.

Also i ordered BlackCat for myself yesterday=)

I want to ask you, what do you think about C-30 3*AAA ?

Which light Don is reviewing now? Aurora SS ?

Review here...just click on the link.


I dont know if this is the same light....they look the same though. A review can be found here.


Thank you! Will have a look tonight

Your welcome man......