Which budget handheld oscilloscope (much <$100) can you recommend in 2022?

I right now need one for signals in the range smaller than 1MHz, but more might be better for future use. Had a closer look at the FNIRSI-1C15, and it seems quite ok. Signal is a little flakey in the MHz-range, but the scope still gives some impressions on signals in the umpteen MHz range. Is there anything better/less expensive?

Should come with probes.

What are you trying to measure and what is the voltage range of the signal? Do you just need one channel, or 2 or more?

It seems that when i start looking at a circuit it often becomes necessary to compare 2 signals at the same time.

If you can use a laptop for the screen then the Saleae Logic 8 is a nice tool for low voltage signals, comes with carrying case and leads.

If single channel handheld is what you need then the one you found seems like a good way to go.

Are you always going to need only one channel? If not, take a look at Hantek 2c42. It costs a little over $100 on Aliexpress (on sale) Link

Right now just one. I’m trying to find a problem with Jetbeam drivers. Those drivers drive me nuts. Two channels would be useful. Triggering with a second signal or comparing signals would be nice, but not sure if I ever use this.

This is just a logic analyser, isn’t it? I had a clone that stopped working when they changed the driver for the USB/ser-chip.

Sounds good :+1:

They start at 120 EUR, a bit too much. Thanks anyway :-).

Cheap oscilloscopes usually have a small memory depth, slow update rate and software trigger. That means they might miss trigger events for non-periodic signals and you can’t scroll much. For things like checking a PWM signal they should work, though.

Yes. I saw a couple of videos on the FNIRSIs and their flaws. The ‘Auto’ trigger at least seems to work, probably not with all waveforms tho, dunno.

Will find out, it’s 60 somewhat on cafago.com incl. tax :person_facepalming:

Please report back. A battery powered pocket oscilloscope is sometimes very handy (if you need isolation or if you work in the field).

I would go to https://www.eevblog.com/forum/

They would know more than me, theres a lot of reviews and used gear for sale.

These looks not bad
Bangood sale JDS6031S

Nice find, might have been the better choice :+1:

Arrived yesterday. So far I only had time to measure the Aneng 8008 signal-generator, and have the Aneng measure the FNIRSI 1C15 generator. All good of course. Oh, and measured the response of one of rngwn’s LED to modulated light. Interesting new world.


Build-in battery seems to have good runtime
Compact set with case (zipper could be better, will probably give up the ghost after some time) including two probes, charger and USB-cable.


Some of the rubber keys tend to stick for a split-second in the front panel. Not nice, but no show-stopper when working with it.

There are YT-videos showing this device is good for a few MHz, and I trust them. At $60 for a complete set, I couldn’t say no and am happy with it.

It’s amazing this stuff is so cheap now. This is the advantage of the Chinese manufacturing. This would not exist with American companies. If it did, it would cost $2000.