Which DRY tint to get? CW or NW

I am looking at getting a DRY 3xXML and I was wondering which tint I should get.

I don't like lights that have an orange tint to them. I think it makes them appear less bright than a white light. What do you guys think? A side by side comparison would be awesome if someone has one.

This is the T6 3C ?

I have one and am happy with it, it's not orange, however it is quite obviously more warm than a CW.

If it is a T6 3C it's about as good as a NW gets. Well IMO apart from any 3* binned U2.

Now the T5 NW torch I just got, I am undecided on.

In guess I was unaware of the different types of DRY flashlights. Is one better than the other?

NW. Lovely tint, not too white.

I haven't been able to find any side by side comparisons. Is NW worth really worth +$9.95 more than CW?

If you’ll actually use it, and not just have it as a show-off / wow-effect light - yes.

If you're only getting it for wow-effect - no.