Which emitter for Convoy S4

And I wanted to use a 8° tir lens from Bangoods and I was going to attempt to make a pocket thrower if I go with a xplhi v3 than I would want to use a dd fet driver if I go an xpg2 –4 I would use a Nanjing 2.8 amp driver ,but Iam not really sure which would give me more throw.So any suggestions Iam interested, thanks

I would like to get before I order on Weds the 3rd

A domed XP-G2 and a XP-L HI would give close to the same throw if driven at the same level, I might give a slight edge to the XP-L. A dedomed XP-G2 on a FET driver will give the most throw

If I was going for the most throw I would use the XP-G2, de-dome and run it at 3.5-4.0 amps.

xpg2 –5 handle the amperage?

Take a look at this thread by djozz, he was able to get well over 4 amps into a well sinked XP-G2. That was a few years ago though and I don’t know if XP-G2s are suffering from the same ailment XM-L2s seem exhibiting (not handling as much amperage as they used to).

I have a couple of lights with XP-G2s, 1 at 3.8A the other at 4.2A, no problem with either one.

thank you do you have a link I can follow?I have 2 xpg2-4s one is going in unique tore 1405 zoomie ,the other well going into the s4 ,do you think it can handle a dd fet driver ?

There is a link in the word ‘this’ in his post.

I have run an XP-G2 on a FET driver many times without issue. Just be sure to use a Noctigon or Sinkpad

I should have mentioned using a copper PCB.

PD68, what kind of current do you see using a FET driver with and XP-G2 and high output battery?

I don’t know how accurate my readings are, but usually 4-4.5amps. The only XP-G2 I’ve had fail was at 5.5amps fed from a buck driver. I’ve never seen that high of amps from a FET/XPG2, and even that one lasted a week before it popped

Both should run well on a DD driver, using a DTP mcpcb as suggested above.

Throw should be similar, at the same current. But due to the higher Vf, it takes some effort to get more than 4 A with a G2. This is not necessary a bad thing, considering they are officially rated for only 1.5 A.

I have these running in S2 hosts, stock tail springs, but bronze springs on the drivers, LG MJ1/SS 30Q cells:

  • XP-G2 S3-3D on noctigon, 3.5 A in direct drive, smooth reflector: 10.8 kcd (208 m throw)
  • XP-L HI V3-1C on noctigon, 5.5 A in direct drive, OP reflector: 15.2 kcd (247 m throw)

The G2 will probably pull ahead if de-domed, but I am less confident in durability and reliability than with the XP-L HI.

Go for DD+1 (DDm) drivers, rather than DD, otherwise the low modes will be terribly inefficient.

well the Xpg2-4s I have are on 16mm copper pads,the Xplhi v3 is on 16mm mm noctigon also I have soldered springs but how can I do the -spring bypass ?I do want bright but Iam tired of popping emitters that is why Iam aaking.

Just fyi, a generic copper pad probably isn’t DTP and won’t protect your emitter

hey are 16mm sink pads from vesture of blood

looks when it done with silicone coated wire and goes to the switch tab on top of the negative board,but my question is dies it matter which side of the switch tab gets soldered to the negative spring?