Which flashlight? Convoy S2, S3, S5, or S6?

Sounds reasonable. Right now I'm looking at 1.4A versions. In fact, one reason I'm choosing FastTech is because they offer lower-driven tube lights. 8)

that was also my logic when i bought it, but even in medium it gets too hot, just more slowly, but a lower amp version would have a lower medium
Mind you, if i could program a few more modes, then my problem would disappear and i would again recommend the 2.8A

I love the crowdsource your purchase idea though :wink:

Good question, "biohazard"! :D

I was going to get the Roche F12 until I read that it can be rough on pockets, and protected 18650s might not fit. (I like to use protected cells.)

i was also undecided on wich Convoy to choose, but than i have bought the Roche F12!…it is very bright and has also some throw!…very good tint the 4c (maybe even a bit too warm for me)!
The only problem is the early heat because i have the 2.8 A version, but the medium level is usable for many minutes……and than i can say that it accepts various protected cells: Eagletac 2400 and 3100mah…and even the big Xtar 2600 (they give only a little resistance when closing)

I got the S2 with a 2.8A driver. It was great value at around $14. It’s my favourite EDC. Some suggest the 2.1A may be a better choice as the torch I have is useable on high but it warms up reasonably quickly. I tend to use it on Medium more often

The S4 I have does not fit protected cells.Do any of the other Convoy S series?-Rick

I have an S2, two S3s, two M2s and an L1 from the Convoy lineup. I also have an Olight S20.

Of the baton lights, I prefer the S3 to the S2 - the S3 takes all batteries, is shorter, and has a very even flood reflector. The S2 is also good, but is just enough longer that it ‘feels bigger’ in a jacket pocket, and has a reflector that I find less pleasing….and that is admittedly a matter of personal preference. I don’t think baton lights should even TRY to throw. By their very nature, they are flooders, and should just strive to be good at that.

I really like the M2s; they have a very smooth transition from the spot to the spill and offer both good flood AND throw. An excellent general purpose light that does everything well.

The L1 (sold on other sites under different names) is also excellent, but with a distinct lean towards the ‘throw’ end of things. Built like a WWII German tank.

Of the batons I’ve tried, my choice is the S3. If I had to choose between the S3 and the Olight S20 it would be a toss up - the sickly green tint of the S20 really throws me off despite its other many attributes. So far not one thing from the Convoy offerings has ever disappointed me and I continue to be very impressed by the high quality and low price of all of these lights.

Tumbleweed48 as the owner of those flashlights maybe you can help me with some questions I’ve been having:

1. Would you please compare the flood and throw of the S2 and S3. I have read that S3 is almost a pure flooder. Is the S2 the same or does it have more throw?

2. Your description of the M2 as having a smooth spot transition, and offering flood AND throw makes me think it would be a good bicycle light. I have only seen a few beamshots but it seems like the S2/S3 don’t throw far enough for cycling. Would you agree?

3. And do you have any opinion on how the M2 beam compares to the M1?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I find that the S2 does throw somewhat farther, but not a whole lot. Perhaps the best way to describe it is that there’s a distinct brightness to the center of the pattern…to my eye, just enough to be distracting. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the S2, but out for a walk, or to fill a room with light, I prefer the smooth distribution pattern of the S3.

I’m not sure about use as a bike light…I have enough trouble keeping a bike on the straight and narrow in broad daylight! I suppose the S2/S3 would be fine if one rode at modest speeds, but it would probably be easy to over-run them going flat out. I’m an old guy - I top out at modest! I doubt I’d over-run a birthday candle.

I don’t have an M1 to compare to the M2, but I do find the M2 very pleasing to the eye. There is no harsh, hard-edged center ‘hot spot’ (though there is a good, soft edged hot ‘area’) that demands your eyes attention. Others have stated that the M1 throws farther. I’d say (without first hand experience) that the M2 might make a better bike light than either the S2 or S3. A well adjusted pair of them would probably be outstanding.

I always sense that my eyes adjust to the ‘hottest’ spot, and somehow start to ignore the spill, resulting in a sort of tunnel vision. That could just be my eyes however…still, I prefer an even transition across the lighted area, and tend to prefer flood to throw for simple eye comfort. Besides, I rarely feel the need to see what’s beyond 100 m. - if I do, I’ll probably have a thrower somewhere near at hand anyway.

In addition, it’s my impression that the M2 dissipates heat a lot better than the batons, especially if it’s run at high settings.

I have to warn you though - these Convoy lights do put a smile on your face. They’re kind of like peanuts, you might start with one, but you end up with a handful! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’ve gone nuts and totally lost count of how many S3’s I have.

I need to try a M2, does it take any battery w/o trouble?

Mine do…. the longest I have are some Efest protected 3400 mAh and protected Panasonic 18650B 3400 mAh. They all fit.

Why would anyone put themselves through the trauma of choosing between them?

Hey everyone!

I ordered a Convoy S3 about a week ago... and it arrived today. So far I like it. :)

I read that the S6 does not fit protected 18650s, so I had to choose between the S2 and S3. I chose the S3 because it's a little bit smaller and a whole lot prettier.

My S3 fits all of my protected cells. I can't speak about the other flashlights first-hand.

I'm telling you, this FastTech company has a bright future. I have a Convoy M1, and now an S3, and I like 'em. That's right. raccoon is a FastTech shill! :evil:

Nice choice!
If the S6 is the same length as the XIAOZHI, it should fit protected cells just fine. Mine does.

I don't know how, but the S6 might be shorter than the Xiaozhi.

EDIT: Nope it's not shorter. Turns out it's a little too narrow for some protected cells.

Here's a quote and pic from a mini-review of the Convoy S6.

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/18936 Convoy S6 from Fasttech Mini-Review (XIAOZHI clone)

[quote=mhanlen] it still only accepts unprotected batteries.


Yeah, I went over and asked. It was clarified right away. Better to not play the tube diameter lottery.

I just wish that darn S3 fit the clip!


The more I think about it… maybe it’s not different tube diameters… but battery diameters? I’m thinking of picking up some 3400mah panasonics for my asgard (if I can ever get it to work) and I’ll report back…

Out of curiosity, does anyone have the 1.04 A version of the S2? I recently ordered that one since I’ve got plenty of “wow” lights to play with for now. I just wanted one with a nice long run time. I’m curious to see anyone’s thoughts on this version of the light if they bought it.