Which flashlight? Convoy S2, S3, S5, or S6?

I want to get a new flashlight and I'm looking for your advice. :)

Your choices: the Convoy S2, S3, S5, or S6...

...or perhaps the Convoy S1356637?

Don't worry about tint or price.

By the way, each torch has four AMC7135 chips.

Convoy S2 http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10002364/1195020

Convoy S3 http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10002364/1195018

Convoy S5 http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10002364/1321604

Convoy S6 http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10002364/1319400

Convoy S1356637 http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/justkidding

(The Convoy S1356637 is or course the best.)

Which of the others do you like most, and why do you like them?

Why no S4 in the list? Besides that one, the S3 is the only one that doesn't immediately look cheap and flimsy.

The S4 has holes in it that can collect debris.


Besides that one, the S3 is the only one that doesn't immediately look cheap and flimsy.


Yeah, the S3 with the stainless steel bezel definitely wins the most-beautiful-flashlight-in-this-roundup award. While that is important, I also care about how each flashlight performs. ;)

Just got the S6… like it so far. Pretty well made… tail stands- probably my new EDC. No clip though. I’m going to throw a review up sometime next week.

The S6 looks just like the XIOAZHI, which is quite nice. I added a clip to mine, which completes it for me (check out my mods link, should work on the S6 too).
My XIAOZHI doesn’t tailstand though. Looking at the pics, I would have guessed the S6 switch boot protrudes too far. Must be the angle of the pics.

That was the rumor. I don’t know if I got lucky, but mine tailstands. I literally got it from fasttech yesterday. I will say though, the tolerance is pretty tight, because another millimeter or two and it wouldn’t be able to do it. Or at least be unstable.

I have the s2 and s3. The reflector on the s2 is deeper, giving a better hit spot than the s3. I added one of the cheap metal clips that ft sells and it is now my edc most of the time.

I like the beam of the S3, smooth. A stiff switch was my only complaint but it has loosened nicely with use. My S3 lives in a tool bag banging around with pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers and I’ve been most surprised by its very tough finish. Strangely, its cheap green button has held up to solvents such as carb cleaner that have melted many of my other buttons. Fits any battery I got.

go for the heaviest, more metal to absorb and radiate heat

I have Three S2's all 5c tints and two S6's.... I like both . The s6 IS a xiaozhi And it's my fav. of the two because it's just simple .No gouging out a flat spot on the body just to say something stupid on your light one has a 2100 4c xml nw . and the other has a 1700 nichia . it's a sweet light .one didn't tailstand but i fixed it and added a clip

both versions get lots of use . I like both better than the uf 2100, yezel z1 ,or the hd2011.

Thanks Boaz. Ima check it out.

I owned one s2, two s3, and an m2. I sold the s2 because I prefer the size of the s3 and it takes protected pan 3400 batteries. I really like the m2 but it is not on your list. The m2 makes a great bike light. Convoy lights are awesome.

I have a D4 (/XIOAZHI/S6). I like its sleek clean look. Mine have a black tail-cap too.

No need for me to buy another of these lights. I used to drool over the S4 host… The open head design is a bit cool and unique. But according to this review and measurements, its just too tight for the batteries I use.
The S3 is also quite nice, but not something I would consider when I am perfectly happy with the S6. :slight_smile:

XIAOZHI, same clip, modded! :slight_smile:

Sounds great! I'm looking forward to your review.

EDIT: Here's mhanlen's mini-review:

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/18936 Convoy S6 from Fasttech Mini-Review (XIAOZHI clone)

Here are some stats of the contenders:

Convoy S2: 124mm x 24mm, 78 grams

Convoy S3: 115mm x 24mm, 72 grams

Convoy S5: 115mm x 23mm, 60 grams

Convoy S6: 115mm x 24mm, 73 grams

The S5 is the lightweight by a quite a bit, so under Bort's reasoning, it's out.

On the other hand, the S2 is the heavyweight, but it's only about 8% heavier than the S6 or S3. And the S2 is 8% longer than the others. I don't think an 8% difference is all that big, so weightwise and lengthwise, it's a toss-up between the S2, S3, and S6.

Too long; didn't read? :evil: The S5 is a goner because it weighs so little.

Here are the votes so far.

Convoy S2: 2 votes (bdiddle, Bort)

Convoy S3: 3 votes (comfychair, LazyJ, CRANK)

Convoy S6: 5 votes (mhanlen, relic38, Boaz, RaceR86, jacktheclipper)

Personally, I'm leaning towards the S6.

I haven't made up my mind yet, but at least I'm having a good time. :party:

I own the S2, it heats up very quickly, i recommend a lower maximum, i got the 2.8a version

I should have been a little more specific, go with the one with the biggest head which in a tube light should be the heaviest

Nothing wrong with the 2.8A version, IMO. That’s what Medium mode is for :wink:
I used to think that having an insane high relative to the light’s capability is silly, but it’s good to have, even if it’s only for a minute or two.
Just don’t leave it in candle mode, or it will probably turn into a Roman candle :smiley: