Which flashlight is better thrower?

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Just need your opinion regarding this 2 different flashlights who is a better thrower option. You can suggest 3rd option, but only if it is NOT priced over $20!!

Thank you for your vote $)


Ultrafire G4 mcu Q5

Whichever one has a bigger head diameter. Not depth, but width.

I voted for Uniquefire only because the Trustfire had orange peel reflector. Though it has more lumens 900 vs. 300. Depends on what you want. Always keep in mind those 20 dollar flashlight aren’t as durable or made with good of a quality as 30-50 dollar ones. I rather spend 30 more bucks for one that I like then say one that bearly fits the bill.


The SSC-P7 is a large 4-die emitter and will always be less throwy than an XP-G with about the same reflector width.

Even the latter is not the best emitter for throw - for that you need an XR-E and the widest reflector you can get.

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The best reflectored thrower I’ve ever had is still the Uniquefire HS-802. It’s XR-E so total light output won’t match the XP-G powered X8 which I also own. But The HS-802 just has a super tight beam which at any distance the hotspot is about 1/3 the size of the X8 and much brighter.

Jacob A60 from what I’ve read.