Which flashlight is the best combination of FLOODER-THROWER?

Edit 1: Does anybody own ACEBEAM K60? Do you mind sharing your experience with it? How far does it illuminate in metres? Have you ever tested it? And lastly how is the flooding? Thank you.

Hello everyone,

I want to buy my very first flashlight. What I am looking for is a flashlight that has the best combination of flooder and thrower. But what is the best? Perhaps everyone will have their “best” regarding to their preferences. So the more opinions I get the better I can decide.

Here are my preferences:

1) A flashlight that can illuminate up to 1000 metres,
2) A flashlight that is also a good flooder so that I can also see near objects clearly up to 100 metres,
3) A flashlight company with a good customer support and technical support.

During my research I have found some flashlights.

I have read that;
ACEBEAM K70 has a design problem that results in short circuit,
ThruNite TN40S/TN42 has a bug while switching from normal modes to turbo.

ACEBEAM K60 seems like a good candidate but I am not sure about the throw. I have seen ThruNite TN40S is a really good combination but the bug while switching through modes made me thinking.

I am open to any suggestions.


No, no you understood me wrong. Up to 1000 metres. So it can be a flashlight that is a decent flooder with 500 metres throwing. I meant to give max limit for the throwing.


Maybe some zoomie?

fenix rc40?

Fenix tk75 is somewhere in between flood and throw.

Sure it can be anything within the limit. I just wanted to put sone numbers in. I have seen ThruNite TN40S can illuminate 750 metres pretty good and is average-good flooder as well.

simple answer there is no floody 1000m thrower for a single reflector light

for real 1000m you need about 70mm active diameter of the reflector with XHP35

a real deal would be Astrolux MF01 and MF02 in one light together

I am sorry, what is a Zoomie?

Thank you I will look into it.

Thank you I will definetely look into this one as well.

Wow! That could be the coolest looking flashlight I have ever seen. I will definitely look at Astrolux.

Haha, I am really sorry about confusing you. English is not my native language. Let me try to explain again.

I would like to have a flashlight that is not a like laser, only illuminates the far distance but also one that has a very nice beam profile so the light smootly lights up the near objects and as well as the distance. Hopefully this helps. Cheers.

Convoy L6?

I don’t have one yet, but from what I have seen they appear to offer great throw and flood, and couldn’t be much better in terms of build quality, support, and reputation.

Zoomie is a light with an action called zooming - you adjust the beam width from wide and moderately bright to narrow and very intense.
They tend to be superb throwers (no spill to distract your eye, good throw-to-size) and superb flooders (very smooth beam) in the same package, but not without drawbacks:

  • the common zoomies are very inefficient in the throw mode - the beam is bright but narrower than that of a reflector light
  • unlike with reflector, you can have flood or throw, but never both at the same time. If you look far, you won’t see what’s under your feet.
  • often they have worse cooling than similarly sized reflector lights
  • typically you’re limited to using a single LED, so they won’t get close to the output of mega-flooders. No multi-led zoomie I’m aware of is good enough.

There are less common types that are better or worse in one way or another, I won’t elaborate on them now because I don’t see one that would work well for you.

Well, I don’t see a stock zoomie that would match the description, so if you want that route, you’re limited to modded lights. I’d suggest UniqueFire UF-1508 T75 with (dedomed?) XHP70.2.

Thank you mate.

Wow. Thank you very much Agro for getting into this hassle and giving me a perfect explanation of what it is. I really appreciate your time and effort on writing it.

I will look at what you recommended.


Any light that has a 35 to 1 lux to lumen ratio.

Very nice! I will look into it. Thank you.

I cannot seem to find their company website to browse their products. Hmm.

BLF Q8 would seem like a good starting point. Whether it will fit your needs is for you to determine, but in any case it is a very good light you’ll be happy to have.

Since you don’t have any lights, it is very unlikely that you’ll find the perfect one right away…