Which Flashlight makers are out of business as of January 2018

Dereelight DBS, lumapower MRV, Edgetac raidfire spear, they were best in class throwers 10 years ago and pretty much dissapeared along with the XR-E emitter, which is where the famous Q5 bin came from.

Flashlight trivia.

Current representative of Imalent (Shellen) used to work for Tiablo:

[video:]Tiablo A9 Drop 7m, over 22 feet, onto Concrete with 4GREER 18650PHT Battery - YouTube

itp got bought by olight.


Shiningbeam is no longer.


Reference to the MRV is from a few years ago, but Lumapower itself is still alive and kicking over here.

Edit: so we have lost more than a few manafacturers, but in the same time there are new names on the market.
Maybe they have the lifespan of a mayfly, I don’t know. Just saying.

Romisen, pentagonlight, CMG, Arc

There are 3 lights I can clearly remember from CPF meets 12-13 years ago, but I can’t recall their names. All were priced in the multi-$100s, so these were shelf queens mostly.

First was all white plastic bodied, looked like a mushroom, with multiple LED lenses that looked like spider eyes. IIRC the LEDs were multi-colored along the lines of a SF Kroma.

Second was a cylindrical body, but with vertical steel bars lined up circling around the outside of the battery tube.

Third was a small 2AA size with a small aspheric-zoom lens. This was a decade or so before the word “Zoom” was associated with flashlight optics. It was olive type III finish, quality was a lot like zebralight.

From comments so far:

Lambda Lights

Solarforce is still in business. I guess they’re just not that popular anymore. I purchased a few stainless steel lanyard rings from them a couple of months ago for my L2 series flashlights.


Jason Hui (PrometheusLights / DarkSucks) picked up FourSevens:

"I just made the big announcement here at SHOTShow 2018 in Vegas, where David (Foursevens) and I are holding down Booth 20058 and conducting important surveys about flashlight feature usage (check my Instagram Stories @PrometheusLights to cast your vote).

I'm really excited to carry on the Foursevens legacy and continue putting innovative products into your hands."

Jason's video announcement:


Black Shadow

They still have a website up, but I haven’t seen anywhere you can buy them or any new models.


Matchbox Instruments or MBI is no longer around.

Orb went some time ago, then came back, and gone again?

I’m wrong, Rob appears to be still selling via etsy


Rob Cheetham from Orb and Lummi is someone I would be extra cautious about dealing with.
There are plenty of unflattering reports from people who have tried dealing with him over the last ten years.
Just Google it. Caveat emptor.

Rob Cheat’um!You’re making it up :smiling_imp:

Is that official? I know its possible, Guy’s been MIA for a while and rumors of bad health have circulated, but last I heard he was promising a come-back. That has been a while though…… :frowning:

Thanks gravel monkey.. Will update the OP