Which Flashlight makers are out of business as of January 2018

I was just checking out Spark flashlight, but they seem to be gone. What happened?

Are there any other flashlight manufacturers who closed shop in the past years?


The list:

  • Spark
  • Roche
  • FireFoxes
  • Icon
  • Shadow
  • Liteflux
  • Balder
  • NovaTac
  • iTP
  • Pentagonlight
  • Shiningbeam
  • Romison
  • CMG
  • Arc
  • Dereelight DBS,
  • Edgetac Raidfire spear
  • Brinkmann

  • Brinyte

  • Akoray

maybe not out of business but rather black out :sunglasses:

Well, we know that FourSevens is gone as of 2017. Rumor was they were acquired by someone but I have not seen any press releases or further information.

I am not sure what is happening to Solarforce either. They have amazing quality and an established customer base - but can they keep ignoring industry trends and not release any new products?


FireFoxes has been absent for quite awhile, I hope they are just in hiatus.

ICON is definitely gone.
Microfire (one of the very few good -fire brands) seems to be gone too.

At least FourSevens has a message saying it was sold, and they are going to reopen again... from what I remember

I just checked Microfire, and their website is still up and running.

That’s odd. What’s the address? I can’t find it (anymore).

Haha, ok this is messed up. I didn’t click on this site, because I knew there was a non-flashlight company called Microfire Systems. It turns out their website address is: http://www.microfire.com.au/
So they kind of switched addresses. :cowboy_hat_face:

Looks like Microfire is the Surefire of China.

Eveready :smiling_imp:

How about Shadow? Cant find a website, but they may never had one.

see: http://www.foursevens.com
“Final Thoughts - December 15, 2017
we are closing our store today

I am excited to pass on the baton to someone I hold in high esteem and is more than qualified to take the brand further. I will most likely assist him in the coming months as he needs me to transition the brand into his vision. He will announce the details early 2018. Get ready for a reboot of the FOURSEVENS - I expect it to be better than ever.

David Chow

All of the brands below:

They were used to be the best lights in their class back in the day, rocking the XRE emitter.





They don't say me much.... :/

Not sure if this is correct but my guess is that Shadow became Amutorch! Or, at least they may be part of the same company!
Their store can be found @ AliExpress!!


I have a a few Balder lights from a few years ago. Don’t think they are making lights anymore