Which Flashlight?

I’m sick of losing baseball bats when I’m stopped by the police, I need a flashlight that won’t die, when I thump tires or heads, I used to carry a bat but have lost 2 recently, I’m thinking a heavy flashlight might be even handier.

Does this answer all your problems?

If you want to get serious, theres always this one…

I can see I would have just as much problem with those as my bat. That last ones going to take chunks of skin and be hard to clean DNA off. J)

6 D-cell Maglite with 2 32650 lithium ion cells and a 4D spacer. That'll work without any other mods. Put the 32650's in front or back, depending on where you want the weight when you swing. It still uses an incandescent bulb that isn't as tough as an LED, but an LED conversion can be pricy. There's a member here that does 32650 conversions on Maglites that you might want to look into. Pulsar was selling one of those lights recently, and that would probably be pretty easy to swap components over to a 6D light.

If you can go for a shorter light, here's a beast for you.


It uses 3 cells that are the same size as D batteries, but are lithium ion. This will be far brighter than any Maglite.

This one is a similar size and costs less, but might be more vulnerable to damage because of the extra joint in the battery tube.



Build solid!

Vin Diesel swears by a torque wrench when you want to smash someone's head in!

This is a joke, please don't take this seriously.

Here is an old post about the Solarforce Gladiator, that might help. Good luck, Ed.

I have one... it won't stand up to any serious punishment. Looks cool though.

A larger sized maglite seems like the way to go. About the bats being confiscated... keep a glove and baseball with it. Having just the bat by itself, you have a weapon. Having all three together, it's sports equipment.

4D mag with a PVC insert to run 5 Cs in it . The PVC will add heft as well as keep the tube from denting ....

Thanks for the suggestions I’ve just been given a 7 d maglite which should do the job, I might put a led in it.

Um, you could sell your 7D and get about a half dozen 6Ds. 7Ds are pretty rare.

As far as putting in an led, if you don’t want blinding bright, this is an excellent mod: My $2.24 triple emitter Mag Mod