Which is brighter, a 3000k or 4300k HID?

Not sure where to put this. I’m about to pick up a set of bulbs and yet another HID kit. I assume 4300k is brighter than 3000k. Since it seems 3000k is accomplished with a yellow coating. But after doing some searching, the only info I can find is they’re either the same or 3000k is brighter, which doesn’t seem right.

Also, am I right in thinking 4300k is brighter that 5000k? Thanks for lookin.

Yes 4300K is brighter than 5000K, but 3000K is definitely is not brighter than 4300K
most of the time 3000K is used for foglights ( yellow)
but I would stick with 5000K as it has better color rendering and the difference in output is not much ( also it will depend on the reflector on your headlight)

Is there any particular reason you want a yellower color instead of white?

Curious, but why do you recommend 5000k, when your own post says 4300k is brighter. Plus it should have better colour rendering shouldn’t it?

We have ‘white-balance’ on auto mode in our brains, so if you get either 5000k or 4300k, they’re both going to look ‘white’ after a few minutes. Just get what’s brightest (which everyone seems to agree is 4300k).

I’ve always been glad for that. :bigsmile:

I had few of them HIDs kit in my car before… 3000K, 4300K ( which is what my car came with )5000K, and 6500K

although my favorite was always 6500K which is looked very white to me and probably the nicest looking for headlights out there on the road.
but unfortunately on a very dark road where there’s no street light other than reflectors on the road… driving for several minutes while looking at the bright reflector can be bother some, although it’s really great in the rain.
awhile back my original HIDs that came with my car is flickering, so it’s time to change the bulb since I’m not willing to pay the dealership price ( $295 just for the bulb not including labor) I ordered some online and paid $40 for HID kits.
Turned out they shipped me the wrong color, instead 6500K that I ordered they shipped me 5000K, but since I need one right away, I installed them anyway and the color was almost the same as factory up close but more whiter and road glare on the reflector was reduced… so I think I kind of liking this color more.

As far as the out put between them? I can hardly tell the difference, they looked the same to me :~

4300 will look more “neutral” like natural sunlight, the colors more vibrant and true, 5000 is close but the color of the light will start having a more of a “white” tint, anything below the 4300 will start having a yellowish hue

To me personally the cool white lights 6000K~ “look” brighter, but the colors are all washed out with a whitish blue tint

I have found yellow seems to help with contrast. I already have retrofitted projectors. But these will be for 2 sets of off-road/driving lights. I’m considering putting 3000k in one set and 4300k in another hooked to different switches. I think my decision will be based on how much brightness you loose with 3000k. Anyone know the approximate difference between 3000k and 4300k? I’ll be using “chinese 55w” ballasts.

5000k (pure white) has more lumens than 4300k. A little more lumens!

I have 100w hid xenon kit 6000k in low beams
I think you should not put less than 5000k!

Sorry buddy… that’s not how it works… 4300K is probably about 100-200 lumens more than 5000K :slight_smile:

I hope it’s electronic ballasts :wink:

Speaking of that… I do have 55 watts ballasts made in japan that I’m not using… it’s just in the box collecting dust :bigsmile:

PM sent.

This is what I’m talking about. Info on the net is all over the place.

So, no one knows the how much dimmer 3000k are?

Of course 4300K is brighter

Are these still collecting dust?

Personally I prefer 4300 or thereabouts. I doubt youre going to notice any difference in brightness between 4300 and 5000 just because your eyes arent that accurate. The only difference might be the way colours (signs, vehicles etc) reflect back at you.

I also want to ask this question.