Which LED does this use?


and is it any good?

Still looking for a pocket sized 2x cr123 powered lamp that will out throw [and generally brighter] than my current L2's using R2 dropins.

Anyone familier with this version? Cheap enough, no mention of lumens or led type though ...

Light is added on 3/2/2007, so it's over 4 years old and it probably has XR-E P4.

Haha, got my today's laugh http://club.dealextreme.com/forums/Forums.dx/threadid.523126

"5500 lux = 510 lumens"

Sure :D

i'll sack that one then lol ..... got an old P4 somewhere, not a patch on my current set up.

500 lumens !! Is he for real????

Looks like a XR-E just judging by the “Cree Ring” so it won’t be an improvement on what you have.

Maybe... some people just are stupid :p

Then my Sky Ray STL-V2 must have 4450 lumens (about 48k lux) :D