Which led driver for an Eagtac D3C?

Hello, long time lurker here and long time flashlights enthusiast!

I recently discovered the world of modding and this forum is the most active in this regard, hence I finally subscribed.

I own a D25C Ti first gen with was rather easy to mod.

I bought then a D3C, with Nichia emitter and I would like to swap the driver with something reliable and get rid of the original UI.

I would like 3 modes with moonlight, or a ramping feature. I’d like memory too. I plan to keep the Nichia led unless you guys recommend an awesome warm light high CRI alternative.

Do you have any advice?


So far my research suggests the H17F. I have it in some modded triples and it is really good.

Does anyone know if I can safely drive one Nichia 219 with the H17F driver? Max current looks way too much…