Which lux meter is best?

I found those...






Any insight welcome!

I have the first one. Got it from DX a couple of years ago. There are better meters, but it works for me.

Don't know about these, but this one serve me pretty well:


I bought the second one because the range being 100.000, stil in the way, hope arrive soon. The guy has a very good reputation and the feedback left about this particular item was great, good electronics cheap plastic case as expected in such price.

You don't want nothing from the third guy looking his feedback.

Received today from the guy above , order date 7/12/10 , damn Chinese post last 1 month to reach my country ! 14,1 Canadian dollars payed..

Cheap plastic case but better than expected also, not that cheap.

Any quirks?

I have the same one floating around the world...

Right now I've a lot work to comply in the real world, later I'll do some carefully check , at first sight seem to work fine

I have this one too. 200000 lux max ,working sice around 2 years

Yeah, the feature of this type is high accuracy in measuring.