Which of these 3 lights should I get next?

Well I ended up getting an X9 with 2 cells/charger for under $26.00! I just couldn't pass it up. Hopefully it gets here soon cuz I can't wait.:bigsmile:

What a great price. May I ask where you got it?

Never mind... ebay.

:) yup! hehe

I believe I was bidding against your $30 offer in the one you didn't win. ;)

Flashpilot, it's not possible to get it for $26 if fishmaniac bids on all of them like he did previously. :bigsmile:

So you got one too?? Seems everyone on here has one on order!

And I only bid on 3 listings...:) But I will again if the price is right! haha

Yeah, you know exact when. ;) It looked like the guy who got one for $26 also had the next lower bid on mine. I didn't see fit to keep outbidding him since I suspected he's from here, too :bigsmile:.

Can I inject a bit of humor here? You are worried about how they perform on a ceiling bounce and then you ask about throw? How effing HIGH are your ceilings??? LOL

The ceiling bounce is for overall brightness, but I'm sure you knew that. And I didn't ask about throw. I guessed the X9 would have the farthest throw based on reflector size.

My question was if they're all driven at the same rate with the same LED, wouldn't they have the same brightness with the difference being throw.

But that was answered by how2...at least between the X9 and Th-T60.

And I do have vaulted ceilings... :)

I haven't been this excited waiting for a light in a long time...I hope I'm not over-anticipating.

I like X9 best

You didn't ask about throw? LOL. Read your post again. I believe it says (as you can see above) "And the only difference between the 3 would be throw?"

That's OK, I understand staring at vaulted ceilings with a light designed to light up the outdoors. I do that almost never. ;)

Just giving you a hard time for fun.

Glad to see someone excited about a light.

Just make sure when you get it we get beamshots of the outdoors instead of your walls or ceiling. :D

i will definitely take some outdoor beamshots!