Which of these 3 lights should I get next?

Ok, after hours and hours of R&D (research and dreaming!), I think I've narrowed down my next purchase to these three 1x18650 lights:

1. KaiDomain C8

2. UltraFire KH-T60 or TH-T60

3. TrustFire X9

Does anyone know which of these 3 would be the brightest with a ceiling bounce? I'm guessing the X9 would throw the farthest and the TH/KH would be the floodiest. If all three are driven hard (3A-ish) wouldn't they all have the same brightness? And the only difference between the 3 would be throw?

Thanks for the help.

Oh, and I can't buy all 3. :)

Just based on the reviews and without any personal experience, I would go for the C8. I would really like to have a single-18650 XML lamp...

The UF-_H-T60 lights are very nicely styled and well built. I don't even remember which one I have (silver NF maybe?) but I really like it. But at a similar price, I can't say that I am not intrigued by the X9.

Get the X9, and if you don't love it it I'll trade you for my NF-t60? lol

I like the X9 also.

I have the 2 mode TH-T60 and TrustFire X9 bought from cyberport 888.

The TH-T60 is driven at 2.8A and the X9 at 1.5A to 1.7A depending on battery.

The X9 is only slightly less bright on ceiling bounce test. Get the X9 I'm happy with it as it throws well.

How2, how do you like your TH-T6? I've had that on my wish list at DX for months.

The X9 with its larger head and deep reflector, should out throw the other two. I like the aesthetics of it as well. That's the one I'd pick.

I also vote for the X9! looks like it should have some good heatsinking and some wicket throw! Nice styling too.

I vote for the C8. It has an overwhelming positive response, delivers 3+ amps to the emitter, disperses the heat well and continues to be a best seller. Check out the review here.

I have a Th-T60 and use it as the light that is always hung just inside my garage door. A little more focused throw (larger head) than a standard P60, but not as focused as the even larger-head on the C8. So it depends what you want. The Th-t60 fits into your pocket easier than the C8, but will give you a less-focused hotspot that is wider.

Can't speak for the X9, haven't gotten one of those yet.

You can see some beamshots of the Th-T60 here, as well as the Trustfire F15, which has the same head and emitter as the C8

Nice well build light runs 2.8Amps, mine 2 mode that's the only thing about it that I do not like. Ultrafire build quality has improved over the last few years. I cannot complain as I got mine free from lazerpoint.

You can get the ultrafire from the U.S. Warehouse in a couple of days. I would still get the x9 though. Can’t go wrong with the c8. Guess I didn’t help at all unless you want it fast.

All of these run largely unregulated on 1 cell, so it's largely luck of the draw which is going to be brightest. But really, the differences are going to be small enough that you should just pick one you like the looks of.

The x9 claims it works on 2 cells, but someone here tried that it burned. Of course you might get lucky get one where they bothered to stick a proper driver in.

lol..thanks guys!

I like the looks of all 3. :love: haha, but seriously, they all look nice. The TH looks "normal", the C8 looks like it's been working out and the X9 looks like it's on steroids. :)

Nice pics. I really do like the TH's beam. It's got a good mix of flood and spot. Thanks for showing me the post. I haven't seen it before.

Your review is what got me thinking about this light as a candidate. Good review. I also like your boat spotlight! Beamshots pls. :)

I have a Streamlight Stinger mod from about 7 yrs ago. It's got an UltraStinger head which is 59/60mm too. This sucker throws pretty nicely and I assume the X9 will be similar.

From the pics, the X9 looks much bigger than what it probably is in real life. My Stinger mod is 1.5cm longer than the X9 based on measuremnts. I was thinking it was more like the size of a Surefire 10X Dominator. This is what happens when I read "200mm". I have no idea how long 200mm is w/o converting it to inches or looking at a ruler. $5.00 Footlong's at Subway...Not $5.00 31cm'ers. Sorry to the rest of the world. :)

Another light you might want to consider is the Romisen XML. Reported >1000lumen by a site w/ their own integrating sphere:



Romisen is one of the better if not best brand in budget lights.

I while add my 2 cents. I think everyone should own a KDC8, so get that one first and than as your budget permits consider one of the other lights. The KDC8 is an iconic budget blaster that can be compared to lights costing 2-3 times as much and the recent upgrade to a brass pill from aluminum means this light will be on the budget blaster radar for a long time to come.

You really can't go wrong with the KDC8, so buy one now don't wait.