Which one? Leatherman squirt or Gerber dime.

Wow, that's a shame.

It has good reviews on Banggood, so I'm thinking you just got a dud.

If Banggood gives you too much trouble, a PayPal dispute is in order.

And if that doesn't work, if you used a credit card, you might have to rely on that.

Or at least that's what I would do.

That sucks. I hate when something I was looking forward to turns out to be a disappointment.

I have owned and used a bunch of multitools and the two brands to get if you really want to use them are Leatherman and Victorinox. Some of the other brands are OK in someways but have tools and features that are not that great. Even Leatherman’s Wingman is kinda disappointing; the priers are great (not counting the wire cutters) and the knife is good but most everything else seems cheap - especially the scissors which don’t work well at all.

Keep in mind that multitools are only suited for light to moderate duty tasks – try to use them for real heavy duty use/abuse and they can and will break.

I had a Micra that carried for many years and used it for all sorts of things (even picked a lock on a buddy’s old work truck with the flat Philips after he locked the keys in it) – great little multitool! Some how I manged to break a portion of one of the handles that acts as a spring to tension the tools. I bought a new one that I reckon will last for many years just like the last one.

Bottom line is that I would rather spend a little more on a Leatherman or a Victorinox than to fool with something cheap when trying to get a job done.

Here's a multi-tool that looks like it might be good if you don't need pliers.

I have the Nextool flagship pro large size and mini. The mini had a metal piece snap off, like the poster above had, the piece that keeps the pliers taut. Been waiting for a replacement from them which they finally responded to on nextorch website. It’s nice, but I have to say the Squirt PS4 is the way to go. You can find one really cheap used on ebay because TSA takes them away all the time and people buy them and resell. Very durable.

Maybe I'll just stick with the Squirt PS4 then.

I'm not interested in a multi-tool that is going to easily break.

I don't usually buy used items, but maybe I'll make an exception if I need to replace my current Squirt PS4.

I ended up with this:


I haven't heard of Gerber Mini Suspension.

Looks like it isn't available on Amazon.com anymore, but there are a few customer reviews there.


I got it from KnifeCountry. Listed under-Gerber 3604 4 Inch Mini Suspension ES PDQ with Stainless Handle.

I think i wrote this in another thread, My Gerber Dime has the worse scissors they are so blunt and are hard sharpen because if the size. I bought a mini victorinox for the scissors.

Gerber dime sucks. I bought 4 on an amazon flash sale. The scissors are a joke and so is the blade. Leatherman is the way to go.


I carried 1 of 2 micra’s for over 10 years as my go to tool finding i used them more than the squirt and juice. That’s probably what led to them being stolen. I still have both micras today on my person, and they fit nicely in an altoids tin alongside the lumintop tool

NexTool Mini Flagship (10-In-1) is real good mini tool.

Gerber Dime, indeed.

Leatherman vs. Gerber is a no-brainer anytime. Leatherman all the way.

Yep, I agree.

I've never owned a Gerber multitool, but I have researched them, and they aren't made nearly as well as Leatherman.

For a full-sized multitool, some of the Nextool ones are practically as good as a Leatherman.

Take a look at the leatherman bond also. I love my squirts and micras, but a convenient delivery of a gift card withe the exact amount of the bond on it is a sign from heaven for me

i carry and use multitools for decades at work, tried Gerber, Leatherman Victorinox, and few other brands. i think either Gerber or Leatherman will do the job just fine, but you have to be careful around salt water, do not fold and stow before you wipe them dry, they WILL rust, even thou they are stainless steel. it wont rust as deep or as fast as carbon steel, but it does so nonetheless. However as far as warranty, Leatherman is awesome, they fix or replace with no questions asked, no receipt needed.

Generally speaking, Leatherman is the Cadillac, Gerber is the Chevrolet. Gerber is ok at best but should not be used in the same sentence as Leatherman. My opinion of course. I have had dozens of each.

Gerber was a US brand at one time and was of a higher quality. Now they manufacture a fraction of their merchandise in the US—it allows them to say that “Gerber is made in the US!” True, I guess, but rather deceiving.